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Dakota Resources coaches rural towns on development strategies

Communities in rural South Dakota have a partner in Dakota Resources, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing the state's small towns.
Angela Eilers
April 2014 - Community Dividend

Mitchell, S.D., named a Smart21 Community

January 2014 - Community Dividend

Fed releases report on economic development in Indian Country

July 2012 - Community Dividend

Wandering in the desert

New research maps “food deserts” in the district, but it’s unclear what they measure, and how they address obesity
Joe Mahon
November 2010 - fedgazette

Manufacturers turn the page on poor 2009 exports

Exports slump across states and sectors
Rob Grunewald, Wonho Chung
July 2010 - fedgazette

Despite uncertainty, moderate economic growth expected

Toby Madden, Rob Grunewald
June 2010 - fedgazette

Failure to Communicate?

Sound economic policy demands superior research and clear communication
Narayana Kocherlakota
June 2010 - The Region

District trade increased with NAFTA

Toby Madden, Jessica Rush
January 2010 - fedgazette

Remote sellers: The tax man cometh?

State-led initiative to tax remote sales slowly gaining momentum
Madeline Christensen
September 2009 - fedgazette

Following a solid 2008, district manufactured exports expected to slow in 2009

Rob Grunewald, Wonho Chung
May 2009 - fedgazette

Manufactured Exports, Percent Change 2007-2008

United States Map
May 2009 - fedgazette

A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World

Book Review
Terry J. Fitzgerald
December 2008 - The Region

District manufactured exports post solid growth in 2007

Growth abroad, exchange rates have positive impact on exports
Clint Pecenka, Rob Grunewald
May 2008 - fedgazette

Iron Range rebirth: A new lease on life, or just déjà vu?

Higher prices, global demand trigger Iron Range and U.P. mining projects
Kathy Cobb
May 2008 - fedgazette

Minnesota Manufactured Exports

May 2008 - fedgazette

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