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Sterilized fx: They may attract attention and make people feel good, but ultimately they're all show and no dough

A look at the way governments intervene on behalf of their currency to bolster or weaken value against other world currencies, in particular the European Central Bank's September 2000 initiative.
David Fettig
June 2001 - The Region

Trade Theory and Trade Facts

Timothy J. Kehoe, Raphael Bergoeing
March 2001 - Staff Report

On the Irrelevance of the Maturity Structure of Government Debt Without Commitment

Christopher Phelan
January 2001 - Staff Report

Bank of Mexico

Focus on Central Banks
September 2000 - The Region

Paths of Development for Early- and Late-Bloomers in a Dynamic Heckscher-Ohlin Model

Patrick J. Kehoe, Andrew Atkeson
September 2000 - Staff Report

Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates With Endogenously Segmented Asset Markets

Patrick J. Kehoe, Andrew Atkeson, Fernando Alvarez
August 2000 - Staff Report

Central Bank of Brazil

Focus on Central Banks
June 2000 - The Region

Some Fresh Perspectives on Price-Support Policies

Preston J. Miller
June 2000 - Staff Report

International Business Cycles With Endogenous Incomplete Markets

Patrick J. Kehoe, Fabrizio Perri
March 2000 - Staff Report

About the International Monetary Fund

December 1999 - The Region

Interview with Stanley Fischer

The IMF's top economist answers questions about the world economy and also answers criticisms leveled at the IMF.
Arthur J. Rolnick
December 1999 - The Region

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Central Banks
December 1999 - The Region

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Focus on Central Banks
June 1999 - The Region

The Euro in the International Financial System

Laurence Meyer on the Euro, Europe's new unified currency.
Laurence H. Meyer
June 1999 - The Region

Interview with Arnold Harberger

An interview with the dean of the “Chicago Boys.”
David Levy
March 1999 - The Region

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