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Dynamic Bargaining Theory

Melvyn Coles, Randall Wright
June 1994 - Staff Report

Algorithms for Solving Dynamic Models With Occasionally Binding Constraints

Lawrence J. Christiano, Jonas D. M. Fisher
May 1994 - Staff Report

Alternative Computational Approaches to Inference in the Multinomial Probit Model

David E. Runkle, John F. Geweke, Michael P. Keane
May 1994 - Staff Report

Two-Sided Search

Kenneth Burdett, Randall Wright
April 1994 - Staff Report

Assessing Specification Errors in Stochastic Discount Factor Models

Lars Peter Hansen, Ravi Jagannathan
March 1994 - Staff Report

Seasonality and Equilibrium Business Cycle Theories

Charles L. Evans, R. Anton Braun
March 1994 - Staff Report

Household Production and Taxation in the Stochastic Growth Model

Ellen R. McGrattan, Randall Wright, Richard Rogerson
December 1993 - Staff Report

The CAPM Is Alive and Well

Ravi Jagannathan, Zhenyu Wang
November 1993 - Staff Report

Solving the Stochastic Growth Model With a Finite Element Method

Ellen R. McGrattan
October 1993 - Staff Report

On the Relation Between the Expected Value and the Volatility of the Nominal Excess Return on Stocks

David E. Runkle, Lawrence R. Glosten, Ravi Jagannathan
August 1993 - Staff Report

Optimal Fiscal Policy in a Business Cycle Model

Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari, Lawrence J. Christiano
July 1993 - Staff Report

How Little We Know About Deficit Policy Effects

Preston J. Miller, William Roberds
December 1992 - Quarterly Review

Banking in Computable General Equilibrium Economies: Technical Appendices I and II

Fernando Alvarez, Terry J. Fitzgerald
October 1992 - Staff Report

How the U.S. Treasury Should Auction Its Debt

V. V. Chari, Robert J. Weber
September 1992 - Quarterly Review

No Relief in Sight for the U.S. Economy

David E. Runkle
September 1992 - Quarterly Review

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