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The Illusion of School Choice: Empirical Evidence from Barcelona

Maia Guell, Caterina Calsamiglia
October 2014 - Working Paper

Northside Achievement Zone aims to break the poverty cycle through education

A collaborative effort among schools, neighborhood groups, and service organizations is working to boost academic performance and family stability in North Minneapolis.
Jacob Wascalus
July 2014 - Community Dividend

Health and Mortality Delta: Assessing the Welfare Cost of Household Insurance Choice

Motohiro Yogo, Ralph S. J. Koijen, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
June 2014 - Staff Report

CDFIs emerge as key partners in improving community health

Community development financial institutions often play a critical role in financing the infrastructure that makes good health possible.
Ela Rausch
April 2014 - Community Dividend

Farm to school movement connects kids and healthy foods

More and more schools are using their local purchasing power to change the relationship students have with food.
Jacob Wascalus
January 2014 - Community Dividend

Healthy food access does indeed matter, report on recent research says

January 2014 - Community Dividend

Understanding the Long-Run Decline in Interstate Migration

Greg Kaplan, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
December 2013 - Working Paper

Ninth District Insight Report - Quarter 2, 2013

November 2013 - Ninth District Insight

Collaborating to create affordable housing: A conversation with Alan Arthur of Aeon

Community Dividend asks Alan Arthur, president and CEO of Minneapolis-based Aeon, how his organization is navigating the post-recession affordable housing environment in the Twin Cities.
Jacob Wascalus
October 2013 - Community Dividend

Development programs help ex-offenders join the workforce

Helping people who have criminal records find sustained, gainful employment could help produce savings and benefits for both the ex-offenders and society at large.
Jacob Wascalus
October 2013 - Community Dividend

Ninth District tribal colleges receive leadership awards

October 2013 - Community Dividend

Minneapolis Fed co-authors report on collaborations to improve community health

July 2013 - Community Dividend

Social impact bonds offer promise of savings, profits, and positive outcomes

A performance-based social investment tool being piloted in some communities offers a new model for delivering social services.
Jacob Wascalus
July 2013 - Community Dividend

Ninth District Insight Report - Quarter 4, 2012

April 2013 - Ninth District Insight

Childhood poverty rate climbs past 20 percent in the U.S.

January 2013 - Community Dividend

Human service organizations "tread water" in face of funding uncertainty

Unpredictability over public funding levels is hampering many nonprofit organizations' efforts to improve or expand services.
Jacob Wascalus
January 2013 - Community Dividend

Service providers retool and collaborate to address increase in suburban poverty

Suburban communities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region now have nearly as many impoverished residents as the central cities, and local assistance organizations are modifying their approaches in respo
Jacob Wascalus
January 2013 - Community Dividend

Ninth District Insight Report - Quarter 2, 2012

Published by the Community Development Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
December 2012 - Ninth District Insight

North Dakota oil boom squeezes seniors who rent

The surging energy industry in the Bakken oil patch may be making life harder for some area residents, particularly the elderly.
Jacob Wascalus
October 2012 - Community Dividend

Heterogeneity in Expected Longevities

José-Víctor Ríos-Rull, Josep Pijoan-Mas
August 2012 - Staff Report

Call for papers: The eighth biennial Federal Reserve community development research conference

July 2012 - Community Dividend

Less affluent students face mounting college debt challenges

Recent reports confirm that students from low- to moderate-income families graduate with greater student debt burdens than their more affluent peers.
Michael Grover
July 2012 - Community Dividend

Spanning the spectrum of Native workforce development

Initiatives under way in the Ninth District demonstrate that Native-focused organizations are working to increase work preparedness, education levels, and employment rates in the communities they serv
Jacob Wascalus
July 2012 - Community Dividend

Bank On gets its game on

Bank On, a customizable program for helping unbanked individuals join the financial mainstream, is catching on in communities across the country.
May Xiong
October 2011 - Community Dividend

Native American Credit Counseling initiative aims to bridge the credit gap in Indian Country

A certification program created by Rural Dynamics/Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Montana is designed to build credit counseling education and services in Native communities.
Sue Woodrow, Jolene Bach
October 2011 - Community Dividend

Workforce 2020: Uniting business and education in Rochester, Minnesota

A unique initiative led by a broad-based group of community leaders is working to address workforce development issues in Rochester, Minn.
Wudase Tefera
October 2011 - Community Dividend

Modeling the Evolution of Age and Cohort Effects in Social Research

Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, Yang Yang
September 2011 - Staff Report

Early, Broadly, and Through Young Adulthood: A Child Development Perspective on Youth Personal Financial Education

Research suggests that educators should use findings in psychology and behavioral economics to enhance youth personal financial instruction.
Richard M. Todd
September 2011 - Community Development Papers


January 2011 - Community Dividend

Nonprofit credit counselors provide one-on-one help for consumers in crisis

In the aftermath of the recent economic meltdown, nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies have seen unprecedented demand for their services.
Paula Woessner
January 2011 - Community Dividend

Transportation partnership offers economic hope in north central Montana

For many residents of Montana's Hi-Line region, an innovative transit partnership provides the means to pursue an education, commute to work, or access important services.
Sue Woodrow, Day Soriano
January 2011 - Community Dividend

Child Health and Future Success

A Minneapolis Fed-University of Minnesota conference
Rob Grunewald
December 2010 - The Region

Survey takes stock of state financial education requirements

A recent National Council on Economic Education survey reveals that more states are adding personal finance and economics to their required K-12 curricula.
Michael Grover
October 2010 - Community Dividend

Research examines the receipt of earned income tax credits among welfare recipients

According to the research on earned income tax credits, welfare recipients who work are less likely to receive the credits than eligible individuals who are not on welfare.
Donald P. Hirasuna
July 2010 - Community Dividend

Minnesota's Earned Income Credit Program: Utilization by Current and Former Welfare Households and the Impact of Policy Parameters

An analysis of utilization of the State of Minnesota's earned income credit (the Working Family Credit) among current and former welfare recipients.
Donald P. Hirasuna, Thomas F. Stinson
December 2009 - Community Development Papers

Gender and financial literacy: A conversation with Annamaria Lusardi of Dartmouth College

Community Dividend speaks with Dr. Annamaria Lusardi of Dartmouth College to learn about the gender gap in financial literacy and discuss how financial educators can reach women more effectiv
Ericca Maas
November 2009 - Community Dividend

Report sums up research on social effects of foreclosures

November 2009 - Community Dividend

Fed releases report on concentrated poverty

January 2009 - Community Dividend

Mother and Child Reunion?

An intriguing look into why widows increasingly live alone
Douglas Clement
December 2008 - The Region

The Labor of a Renaissance Man

From Ríos’ extensive agenda, a promising glimpse at failure
December 2008 - The Region

High schoolers' financial literacy remains low, survey finds

September 2008 - Community Dividend

On the Needed Quantity of Government Debt

Edward C. Prescott, Kathryn Birkeland
November 2007 - Quarterly Review

The Intergenerational State: Education and Pension

Michele Boldrin, Ana Montes
May 2004 - Staff Report

Rewarding Sequential Innovators: Prizes, Patents and Buyouts

Gerard Llobet, Hugo Hopenhayn, Matthew F. Mitchell
July 2000 - Staff Report

Macroeconomics With Frictions

S. Rao Aiyagari
July 1997 - Quarterly Review

On the Political Economy of Income Redistribution and Crime

Antonio Merlo, Ayse Imrohoroglu, Peter Rupert
September 1996 - Staff Report

A New Idea for Welfare Reform

Michael P. Keane
April 1995 - Quarterly Review

On the Political Economy of Education Subsidies

Raquel Fernandez, Richard Rogerson
December 1994 - Staff Report

Macroeconomics With Frictions

S. Rao Aiyagari
July 1994 - Quarterly Review

The Statewide Economic Impact of Small-Issue Industrial Revenue Bonds

Michael J. Stutzer
April 1985 - Quarterly Review

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