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Specialization and the Skill Premium in the 20th Century

Matthew F. Mitchell
July 2001 - Staff Report

Competition at Work: Railroads vs. Monopoly in the U.S. Shipping Industry

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Thomas J. Holmes
April 2001 - Quarterly Review

Knowledge Diffusion through Employee Mobility

April Franco, Darren Filson
July 2000 - Staff Report

Rethinking NAIRU

Top of the Ninth
Gary H. Stern
June 2000 - The Region

The Great Depression in the United States From A Neoclassical Perspective

Lee E. Ohanian, Harold L. Cole
December 1999 - Quarterly Review

A Higher Minimum Wage-A Mistake Waiting to Happen

Guest Editorial: Preston Miller, vice president and economic advisor, discusses the merits and demerits of an increasing minimum wage.
Preston J. Miller
September 1999 - The Region

Myths of Rich and Poor: Why We're Better Off Than We Think

Book Review
Preston J. Miller
March 1999 - The Region

Changes in Hours Worked Since 1950

Ellen R. McGrattan, Richard Rogerson
December 1998 - Quarterly Review

Capital-Skill Complementarity and Inequality: A Macroeconomic Analysis

Lee E. Ohanian, Giovanni L. Violante, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull, Per Krusell
September 1997 - Staff Report

Marital Risk and Capital Accumulation

José-Víctor Ríos-Rull, Luis Cubeddu
July 1997 - Staff Report

An Empirical Analysis of Income Dynamics Among Men in the PSID: 1968–1989

John F. Geweke, Michael P. Keane
June 1997 - Staff Report

Can the Mortensen-Pissarides Matching Model Match the Business Cycle Facts?

Harold L. Cole, Richard Rogerson
December 1996 - Staff Report

Pattern Bargaining

Antonio Merlo, Robert Marshall
November 1996 - Staff Report

Valuation Equilibria With Clubs

Edward C. Prescott, Harold L. Cole
March 1996 - Staff Report

Industry Evolution and Transition: Measuring Investment in Organization Capital

Patrick J. Kehoe, Andrew Atkeson
November 1995 - Staff Report

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