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What ails the housing market? Part 1: A brief exploration of key factors inhibiting home buying

Despite low prices and interest rates, the housing market remains sluggish. Why?
Jacob Wascalus
July 2012 - Community Dividend

What ails the housing market? Part 2: Perspectives from industry professionals

Individuals from the real estate, community development, banking, and government sectors share their views.
Jacob Wascalus
July 2012 - Community Dividend

Harvest Initiative and Hunkpati Investments: Stirring up economic development on the Crow Creek reservation

The story of how residents of the Crow Creek Indian reservation, a prominent businessman, a church congregation, and two young attorneys came to be deeply involved in improving the reservation's econo
Sandy Gerber
October 2011 - Community Dividend

Little Mogadishu in the All-America City? Somali entrepreneurship in Willmar, Minnesota

Somali immigrants encounter acceptance and some challenges as they establish businesses in a small city in central Minnesota.
Nima Hassan
October 2011 - Community Dividend

Making the New Markets Tax Credit work in Native communities

Some Native communities have had success in attracting New Markets Tax Credit investments, despite unique challenges involved in implementing the program in Indian Country.
Michou Kokodoko
October 2011 - Community Dividend

U.S. Treasury announces 2011 CDFI awards

October 2011 - Community Dividend

Aggregate Implications of Innovation Policy

Andrew Atkeson, Ariel Burstein
September 2011 - Staff Report

Why Have Economic Reforms in Mexico Not Generated Growth?

Timothy J. Kehoe, Kim J. Ruhl
November 2010 - Staff Report

Explaining Growth

Economist Erzo Luttmer blends two competing theories to generate a model that helps account for patterns of employment growth in U.S. companies.
Douglas Clement
September 2010 - The Region

The Bitter Effect of Cartels

In a case study of the U.S. sugar industry, James Schmitz and co-authors demonstrate that cartels can lead to big reductions in productivity
Joe Mahon
June 2010 - The Region

Models of Growth and Firm Heterogeneity

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
April 2010 - Working Paper

Technology Diffusion and Growth

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
March 2010 - Working Paper

On the Mechanics of Firm Growth

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
March 2010 - Staff Report

Technical Appendix: Unmeasured Investment and the Puzzling U.S. Boom in the 1990s

Edward C. Prescott, Ellen R. McGrattan
September 2009 - Staff Report

International Trade and Income Differences

Michael E. Waugh
September 2009 - Staff Report

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