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Ninth District Insight Report - Quarter 2, 2014

December 2014 - Ninth District Insight

Moderate economic growth to continue into 2015

Rob Grunewald, Joe Mahon
July 2014 - fedgazette

Pay with Promises or Pay as You Go? Lessons from the Death Spiral of Detroit

Thomas J. Holmes, Lee E. Ohanian
July 2014 - Staff Report

Helping small businesses survive big construction: Strategies from the Green Line LRT project

When major construction tore up a busy Twin Cities thoroughfare, a public-private partnership mobilized to help small businesses weather the disruptions.
Jacob Wascalus
July 2014 - Community Dividend

Dakota Resources coaches rural towns on development strategies

Communities in rural South Dakota have a partner in Dakota Resources, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing the state's small towns.
Angela Eilers
April 2014 - Community Dividend

First-ever tribal national park planned for Pine Ridge

April 2014 - Community Dividend

North Dakota oil boomtown has nation's highest rent

April 2014 - Community Dividend

With bank support, arts organizations help build better communities

Investments in local arts and culture can create social, human, and economic capital.
Jacob Wascalus
April 2014 - Community Dividend

Minneapolis Fed releases Housing Market Index report

January 2014 - Community Dividend

Understanding the Long-Run Decline in Interstate Migration

Greg Kaplan, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
December 2013 - Working Paper

The rise of the West: More than just an oil story

Relative earnings in western Ninth District states have been rising steadily for more than two decades
Ronald A. Wirtz, Brian Holtemeyer
March 2013 - fedgazette

Negative Equity Does Not Reduce Homeowners’ Mobility

Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
February 2012 - Quarterly Review

Interstate Migration Has Fallen Less Than You Think: Consequences of Hot Deck Imputation in the Current Population Survey

Greg Kaplan, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
June 2011 - Staff Report

Negative Equity Does Not Reduce Homeowners' Mobility

Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
December 2010 - Working Paper

Interstate Migration Has Fallen Less Than You Think: Consequences of Hot Deck Imputation in the Current Population Survey

Greg Kaplan, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
November 2010 - Working Paper

Economies of Density versus Natural Advantage: Crop Choice on the Back Forty

Thomas J. Holmes, Sanghoon Lee
June 2009 - Working Paper

Momentum Traders in the Housing Market: Survey Evidence and a Search Model

Martin Schneider, Monika Piazzesi
March 2009 - Staff Report

Nature or Nurture? Learning and Female Labor Force Dynamics

Alessandra Fogli, Laura Veldkamp
February 2007 - Staff Report

Urban Structure and Growth

Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Mark L. J. Wright
November 2006 - Staff Report

The Home Market and the Pattern of Trade: Round Three

Thomas J. Holmes, John J. Stevens
April 2002 - Staff Report

The Role of Cities: Evidence From the Placement of Sales Offices

Thomas J. Holmes
January 2002 - Staff Report

Step-by-Step Migration to Efficient Agglomerations

Thomas J. Holmes
November 1996 - Staff Report

How Industries Migrate When Agglomeration Economies Are Important

Thomas J. Holmes
October 1996 - Staff Report

The Effect of State Policies on the Location of Industry: Evidence from State Borders

Thomas J. Holmes
September 1996 - Staff Report

Analyzing a Proposal to Ban State Tax Breaks to Businesses

Thomas J. Holmes
April 1995 - Quarterly Review

Localization of Industry and Vertical Disintegration

Thomas J. Holmes
April 1995 - Staff Report

Modeling the Impact of an Energy Price Shock on Interregional Income Transfer

Clarence W. Nelson
July 1988 - Quarterly Review

More Growth Ahead for Ninth District States

Hossain Amirizadeh, Richard M. Todd
September 1984 - Quarterly Review

Using Vector Autoregressions to Measure the Uncertainty in Minnesota's Revenue Forecasts

Robert B. Litterman, Thomas M. Supel
April 1983 - Quarterly Review

As the Nation's Economy Goes, So Goes Minnesota's

Richard M. Todd, Robert B. Litterman
June 1982 - Quarterly Review

Limited Branching in Minnesota: Its Impact on Banking Consumers

Stanley L. Graham
December 1981 - Quarterly Review

Help for the Regional Economic Forecaster: Vector Autoregression

Paul A. Anderson
July 1979 - Quarterly Review

A Cloudy Future for Minnesota's Businesses

David S. Dahl
April 1979 - Quarterly Review

The Regional Economy in 1977 and 1978

David S. Dahl
December 1978 - Quarterly Review

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