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Accounting for Private Information

Pricila Maziero, Laurence Ales
June 2008 - Working Paper

Changes in the Distribution of Family Hours Worked Since 1950

Ellen R. McGrattan, Richard Rogerson
April 2008 - Staff Report

Achieving economies of scale through strategic restructuring: The case of Sparc

How two well-established CDCs in St. Paul, Minn., responded to funding pressures by merging to form a new entity called Sparc.
Michou Kokodoko
January 2008 - Community Dividend

Time to Remodel?

Fed researchers suggest that two core models used by economists are seriously flawed.
Douglas Clement
September 2007 - The Region

Establishment Size Dynamics in the Aggregate Economy

Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Mark L. J. Wright
November 2006 - Staff Report

Bankruptcy and Collateral in Debt Constrained Markets

Timothy J. Kehoe, David K. Levine
October 2006 - Staff Report

Asset Prices and Liquidity in an Exchange Economy

Ricardo Lagos
May 2006 - Staff Report

Household Heterogeneity and Real Exchange Rates

Narayana Kocherlakota, Luigi Pistaferri
April 2006 - Staff Report

Thomas J. Holmes on Wal-Mart's location strategy

Holmes describes Wal-Mart's location strategy and possible implications for the Ninth District.
David Fettig
March 2006 - fedgazette

Temptation and Self-Control: Some Evidence and Applications

Kevin X. D. Huang, Zheng Liu, Qi Zhu
January 2006 - Staff Report

Liquidity and Insurance for the Unemployed

Iván Werning, Robert Shimer
December 2005 - Staff Report

Opportunity and Social Mobility

Christopher Phelan
September 2005 - Staff Report

Does Income Inequality Lead to Consumption Equality? Evidence and Theory

Fabrizio Perri, Dirk Krueger
June 2005 - Staff Report

Real Effects of Inflation Through the Redistribution of Nominal Wealth

Martin Schneider, Matthias Doepke
February 2005 - Staff Report

Avoiding Significant Monetary Policy Mistakes

Gary H. Stern, Preston J. Miller
December 2004 - Quarterly Review

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