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How Prescribed Policy Can Mislead When Data Are Defective: A Follow-up to Srinivasan (1994) Using General Equilibrium

Erinç Yeldan, Jean Mercenier
February 1996 - Staff Report

Tobin's q and Asset Returns: Implications for Business Cycle Analysis

Lawrence J. Christiano, Jonas D. M. Fisher
November 1995 - Staff Report

Incorporating Concern for Relative Wealth Into Economic Models

Andrew Postlewaite, George J. Mailath, Harold L. Cole
July 1995 - Quarterly Review

An Equilibrium Model of the Business Cycle With Household Production and Fiscal Policy

Ellen R. McGrattan, Randall Wright, Richard Rogerson
May 1995 - Staff Report

On Sunk Costs and Trade Liberalization in Applied General Equilibrium

Jean Mercenier, Nicolas Schmitt
March 1995 - Staff Report

Capacity Precommitment as a Barrier to Entry: A Bertrand-Edgeworth Approach

Beth Allen, Dan Kovenock, Raymond Deneckere, Tom Faith
February 1995 - Staff Report

A Contribution to the Theory of Pork Barrel Spending

V. V. Chari, Harold L. Cole
January 1995 - Staff Report

Estimating Substitution Elasticities in Household Production Models

Peter Rupert, Randall Wright, Richard Rogerson
December 1994 - Staff Report

Nonuniqueness of Solutions in Applied General Equilibrium Models With Scale Economies and Imperfect Competition

Jean Mercenier
October 1994 - Staff Report

Macroeconomics With Frictions

S. Rao Aiyagari
July 1994 - Quarterly Review

Dynamic Bargaining Theory

Melvyn Coles, Randall Wright
June 1994 - Staff Report

Two-Sided Search

Kenneth Burdett, Randall Wright
April 1994 - Staff Report

Explaining Financial Market Facts: The Importance of Incomplete Markets and Transaction Costs

S. Rao Aiyagari
December 1993 - Quarterly Review

Household Production and Taxation in the Stochastic Growth Model

Ellen R. McGrattan, Randall Wright, Richard Rogerson
December 1993 - Staff Report

On the Emergence of Parliamentary Government: The Role of Private Information

Edward J. Green
December 1993 - Quarterly Review

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