Topic - Microeconomics

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New and Larger Costs of Monopoly and Tariffs

James A. Schmitz, Jr.
July 2012 - Staff Report

Financial Frictions and Fluctuations in Volatility

Patrick J. Kehoe, Cristina Arellano, Yan Bai
July 2012 - Staff Report

Heterogeneity and Risk Sharing in Village Economies

Robert Townsend, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Krislert Samphantharak
July 2012 - Working Paper

Optimal Regulation in the Presence of Reputation Concerns

Andrew Atkeson, Guillermo L. Ordonez, Christian Hellwig
February 2012 - Staff Report

Consumption and Labor Supply with Partial Insurance: An Analytical Framework

Giovanni L. Violante, Jonathan Heathcote, Kjetil Storesletten
February 2012 - Staff Report

Bank Liability Insurance Schemes Before 1865

Warren E. Weber
December 2011 - Working Paper

Innovation and Growth with Financial, and other, Frictions

Randall Wright, Jonathan Chiu, Cesaire Meh
October 2011 - Working Paper

Do Newspapers Matter? Short-Run and Long-Run Evidence from the Closure of The Cincinnati Post

Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, Miguel Garrido
April 2011 - Working Paper

Costly Financial Intermediation in Neoclassical Growth Theory

Edward C. Prescott, Rajnish Mehra, Facundo Piguillem
April 2011 - Working Paper

Intergenerational Redistribution in the Great Recession

Dirk Krueger, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull, Jonathan Heathcote, Andrew Glover
March 2011 - Working Paper

Facts on the Distributions of Earnings, Income, and Wealth in the United States: 2007 Update

Javier Díaz-Giménez, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull, Andrew Glover
March 2011 - Quarterly Review

Inferring Labor Income Risk From Economic Choices: An Indirect Inference Approach

Fatih Guvenen, Anthony Smith
July 2010 - Staff Report

Moving Back Home: Insurance Against Labor Market Risk

Greg Kaplan
March 2010 - Working Paper

The Meaning of Slutsky

The insight of an obscure Soviet statistician—that random processes can form cyclical patterns—has profoundly shaped our understanding of economic booms and recessions.
Joe Mahon, Phil Davies
December 2009 - The Region

The Mechanics of Demand

The Slutsky equation clarifies the complicated effects of price changes.
Joe Mahon
December 2009 - The Region

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