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The Mechanics of Demand

The Slutsky equation clarifies the complicated effects of price changes.
Joe Mahon
December 2009 - The Region

Unequal We Stand: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in the United States, 1967–2006

Fabrizio Perri, Giovanni L. Violante, Jonathan Heathcote
October 2009 - Staff Report

Risk Sharing, Inequality, and Fertility

Larry E. Jones, Ali Shourideh, Roozbeh Hosseini
September 2009 - Working Paper

Firm Dynamics and Financial Development

Cristina Arellano, Yan Bai, Jing Zhang
July 2009 - Staff Report

Fragility of Reputation and Clustering of Risk-Taking

Guillermo L. Ordonez
July 2009 - Staff Report

Larger Crises, Slower Recoveries: The Asymmetric Effects of Financial Frictions

Guillermo L. Ordonez
July 2009 - Staff Report

Reputation from Nested Activities: The Inefficient Effects of Scapegoating

Guillermo L. Ordonez
July 2009 - Staff Report

Monopoly and the Incentive to Innovate When Adoption Involves Switchover Disruptions

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Thomas J. Holmes, David K. Levine
December 2008 - Staff Report

Technical Notes on Facts and Myths about the Financial Crisis of 2008

Maxim Troshkin
October 2008 - Working Paper

Business Start-Ups and Productive Efficiency

Hakki Yazici
September 2008 - Working Paper

Creative Disruption

Economic theory has been unable to explain the bond between competition and innovation. Until now.
Douglas Clement
September 2008 - The Region

Liquidity in Asset Markets with Search Frictions

Ricardo Lagos, Guillaume Rocheteau
August 2008 - Staff Report

Accounting for Private Information

Pricila Maziero, Laurence Ales
June 2008 - Working Paper

Changes in the Distribution of Family Hours Worked Since 1950

Ellen R. McGrattan, Richard Rogerson
April 2008 - Staff Report

Achieving economies of scale through strategic restructuring: The case of Sparc

How two well-established CDCs in St. Paul, Minn., responded to funding pressures by merging to form a new entity called Sparc.
Michou Kokodoko
January 2008 - Community Dividend

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