Edward C. Prescott with assistance from Jessica D. Tjornhom and Igor D. Livshits

E-mail:prescott@minneapolisfed.org or livshits@econ.umn.edu


1.     Debreu Economy

2.     First Welfare Theorem

3.     Type-Identical Competitive Equilibria

4.     Labor Indivisibility

5.     Labor Indivisibility, Part 2

6.     Calibrating the Hansen Economy

7.     Debt-Constrained Economy

8.     Recursive Competitive Equilibrium

9.     RCE with Risk Allocation

10.   Infrastructure and Aggregate Production

11.   Recursive Promised Utility Approach

12.   RCE with Endogenous Government Policy

13.   Hopenhayn's Technology Draw Model

14.   A Steady-State Model with Organizations


National Income and Product Accounts

Addendum: National Income and Product Accounts

National Accounts from Neoclassical Perspective

GDP at PPP or World Prices

CES Production Function

"A Note on Continuity of Expected Utility"