Reserve Administration

The Reserves function at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis works closely with the Statistical Reports function to ensure that reserve requirements for depository institutions in the Ninth Federal Reserve District are accurate.

The Reserves Central offers access to information on:

  • Reserve Maintenance Manual - fundamental rules for calculating reserve requirements, mechanics of reserve maintenance, etc.
  • Reserve maintenance calendars for weekly or quarterly FR2900 reports
  • Tranche and Exemption Levels and Deposit Cutoffs - read about annual adjustments in the amount of net transaction accounts used in the calculation of reserve requirements and the cutoff levels used to determine the detail and frequency of deposit reporting
  • Reserves Central - Reserve Account Administration (RC-RAA) - learn how to access RC-RAA and view your Reserve Balance information
  • Federal Reserve Regulations

Reserves Management Tools and Information

(Watch on YouTube)

This recorded webinar provides information to financial institutions on how to manage their reserve requirement and excess balances.