Articles and Reports

Native CDFI Survey findings

November 2017

Findings from the 2017 Native CDFI Survey: Industry Opportunities and Limitations

From the Center for Indian Country Development’s Working Paper series, this report discusses the findings of a Spring 2017 survey of Native CDFIs conducted by the Minneapolis Fed’s Community Development Department.

Community Dividend

January 2017

Creating a smarter, faster, better approach to serving low-income communities

A conversation with Dave Glaser of Montana & Idaho Community Development Corporation, one of the first organizations ever certified as a CDFI.

CDFI Fund Strategic Plan

October 2016

CDFI Fund Strategic Plan: FY 2017–FY 2022

Subtitled Impact and Excellence, this five-year plan outlines the CDFI Fund’s strategic goals and objectives.

Native Nations Institute Report

May 2016

Access to Capital and Credit in Native Communities

This report commissioned by the CDFI Fund aims to provide federal and tribal policymakers with ideas for improving capital and credit access in Native Communities.


Community Dividend

Winter 2016

CDFI Fund names AEO its Innovation Challenge winner

Community Development Paper

January 2015

Growth and Performance of the Native CDFI Loan Fund Sector, 2001–2012

An analysis of IRS data suggests that CDFI loan funds serving Native communities grew significantly in number and asset size from 2001 through 2012 and have generally posted fairly positive financial ratios.

Community Development Paper

May 2013

Minnesota CDFI Network Concept Paper

A discussion of the context and potential benefits of forming a statewide CDFI network in Minnesota. Featuring comments from Minnesota CDFI practitioners, recommendations for next steps, and information about established national and state-level CDFI networks.

Community Investments

Spring 2012

CDFIs as Catalysts for Improving Social Outcomes

From Community Investments, a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, a discussion of how CDFIs can use a logic model to effectively communicate their role as catalysts for improving social outcomes in underserved communities.

Featured Video

July 2014

How Can CDFIs Help Small Businesses Meet Their Challenges?

Learn how CDFIs are uniquely positioned to help businesses in low- and moderate-income communities survive disruptions, such as construction of the Green Line light rail transit route in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Read the supplement to the article “Helping small businesses survive big construction: Strategies from the Green Line LRT project.

Community Dividend

CDFIs are a frequently explored topic in Community Dividend, the Minneapolis Fed’s community development publication. Listed below are CDFI-related Community Dividend features published prior to 2016.

Community Dividend

October 2015

CDFIs seek to innovate to compete with speedy online lenders

Some mission-focused lenders are experimenting with innovative technology platforms to speed up their loan origination and underwriting processes.

Community Dividend

April 2014

CDFIs Emerge as key partners in improving community health

Community development financial institutions often play a critical role in financing the infrastructure that makes good health possible.

Community Dividend

January 2014

Mass CDFI recertification push winnows list, ensures compliance

A 2013 mandate from the U.S. Treasury resulted in a reduced but focused pool of community development financial institutions.