Community Development

Understanding Credit and Mortgage Conditions

Quarterly graphs and synopses designed to enhance understanding of consumer credit and the mortgage and housing markets in the Ninth Federal Reserve District and nationwide.

Community Development Program

Each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the Federal Reserve System has a Community Development Office that promotes community development in a variety of ways. Across the System, Community Development fosters collaboration and provides information for the improvement of communities and the lives of people who live in them.

Community Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

The mission of Community Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is to support the Federal Reserve System's economic growth objectives by promoting community development through fair, impartial and efficient access to credit and related financial services.

The Community Development Department at the Minneapolis Fed offers information on public/private partnerships, resources, and innovative models that foster access to credit and investment in the low- and moderate-income communities of the metropolitan areas, rural areas, small communities and Indian reservations that make up the Ninth Federal Reserve District.

To further the department's mission, members of Community Development engage in a number of activities in the Ninth District, such as:

  • Conducting outreach to learn about the most pressing issues for communities in the District;
  • Providing information through publications and educational events to promote understanding about the availability of public and private community and economic resources; and
  • Fostering public/private partnerships to bridge the gap that often exists between projects needing capital and lenders seeking community development opportunities.

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