Regional Economy

The Minneapolis Fed serves the six states of the Ninth District: Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, northwestern Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Ninth District Data


From around the district

Flooding takes its toll on district farmers

Joe Mahon October 2, 2019

“Prevented planting” insurance claims climb to 2011 levels as storms—and trade war effects—cause corn and soybean production to plummet

Beige Bonus: Ninth District employers face adjustments in persistently tight labor market

Ronald A. Wirtz September 27, 2019

The labor shortage isn’t new, but employers are recognizing a growing list of impacts

With floods, comes a torrent of data

Tu-Uyen Tran September 23, 2019

FEMA’s treasure trove of records reveals that Ninth District property owners buy flood insurance at a far higher rate than others across the country

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