About the Center for Indian Country Development

The Intrinsic Importance of Nurturing a Diverse and Inclusive Community

Patrice Kunesh, Director of the Center for Indian Country Development, stepped up to the stage in the River Room and shared her thoughts on the intrinsic importance of nurturing a diverse and inclusive community. Ms. Kunesh’s impromptu presentation, which draws on her own cultural background, encourages a better understanding of how multiple voices and diverse sets of experiences and backgrounds drive innovation, foster creativity, and lead to better solutions.

The Minneapolis Fed’s New Center of Expertise


We support the prosperity of Native Nations through actionable research and community collaboration.

“Despite facing historic challenges and poverty, tribal nations are determined to design their own futures. I’m excited that the Federal Reserve’s Center for Indian Country Development will support these economic development efforts using its research skills and by bringing experts and stakeholders together.”

- Neel Kashkari, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


The Center for Indian Country Development will be:

  • a nationally recognized thought leader and clearinghouse for resources and initiatives concerning native economic development,
  • a respected contributor to the research critical to Indian Country constituents, and
  • the Federal Reserve System’s principle point of contact and key supporter of the Bank in fulfilling its responsibility to Indian Country.