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CICD Publications

Race, Location, and Manufactured-Home Loans on American Indian Reservations (2018)

Center for Indian Country Development, Richard M. Todd Economist and Kevin Johnson, Data Analyst

Op-ed: Bringing the Dream of Homeownership to American Indian Reservations (2018)

Center for Indian Country Development, Patrice Kunesh, Director

Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities for Mortgage Finance in Indian Country (2018)

Housing Assistance Council Report. Contributions by Center for Indian Country Development, Patrice Kunesh, Director and Richard M. Todd, Economist

Manufactured-Home Lending to American Indians in Indian Country Remains Highly Concentrated, (2017)

Center for Indian Country Development, Richard M. Todd, Economist

Rural Voices: Meeting Native American Housing Needs (2017)

Housing Assistance Council. Contribution by Center for Indian Country Development, “Creating Sustainable Homelands through Homeownership on Trust Lands,” Patrice Kunesh, Director

Homeownership gaps among Indian Reservations prove puzzling (2009)

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: Community Dividend, Richard M. Todd, Vice-President Community Development and Federico Burlon, Community Affairs intern

Access to Credit

Access to Capital and Credit in Native Communities (2016)

Native Nations Institute

Access to Capital and Credit in Native Communities: A Data Review (2016)

Native Nations Institute

Social and Economic Change on American Indian Reservations: A Databook of the U.S. Censuses and American Community Survey, 1990-2010 (2014)

Taylor Policy Group

Native American Economic Development. C-SPAN video (2011)

Senate Banking, Housing, Urban Affairs

A Quiet Crisis: Federal Funding and Unmet Needs in Indian Country (2003)

U.S. Commission on Human Rights

Capital Investment in Indian Country (2002)

Senate Hearing of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

Native American Lending Study (2001)

U.S. Treasury Community Development Financial Institutions Fund

Assessment of Native Housing Needs and Conditions

Housing and Urban Development Reports and Assessments on Housing Needs and Mortgage Lending (2017)

HUD Continuity and Change: Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Housing Conditions of American Indians and Alaska Natives (2014)

Housing and Urban Development

Background Paper on Native American Housing Needs and Proposed Recommendations (2002)

Federal Housing Finance Board presented to Millennial Housing Commission

Native American Housing Policy

Obstacles, Solutions, and Self-Determination in Indian Housing Policy (2015)

Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and Research

Report on Native American Housing: Additional Actions Needed to Better Support Tribes (2014)

Government Accountability Office

Identifying Barriers to Indian Housing Development and Finding Solutions (2013)

Senate Hearing on the Committee on Indian Affairs

Removing Barriers to Homeownership for Native Americans (2007)

House Committee Financial Services subcommittee meeting on Housing and Community Opportunity

Final Report of the National Commission on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Housing (2002)

Purdue University

One-Stop Mortgage Center Initiative in Indian Country: a Report to the President (2000)

Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Treasury

Homeownership Program and Capacity Development

Exercising Sovereignty and Expanding Economic Opportunity through Tribal Land Management: A Study Addressing the Range of Options to Expedite Land Title Processing on Indian Lands (2009)

National Congress of American Indians Policy Research Center and First Nations Development Institute

The Potential and Limitations of Mortgage Innovation in Fostering Homeownership in Indian Country Fannie Mae (2002)

Fannie Mae

Mortgage Lending Under Tribal Sovereignty: Efforts to Expand Mortgage Lending on the Navajo Nation (2001)

Yale Law School Dissertation

Confronting the Barriers to Native American Homeownership on Tribal Lands: The Case of the Navajo Partnership for Housing (2001)

The Urban Lawyer