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An Enduring Connection between Land and People

What would it take to build new communities and remake old ones so reservations can meet housing needs and bolster economic development? Today, the demand for homeownership in Indian Country is driving renewed efforts to confront challenges and unlock the potential of all reservation land.  Tribal leaders across the country are at the forefront of these efforts.

Introduction to Native Homeownership, Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership (2018)

Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership content icon

Patrice Kunesh, Center for Indian Country Development

Video: A Retrospective Look at Homeownership in Indian Country (2017)

This Trend Concerns Us: Number of HUD 184 Loans by Type of Land (2018)

Center for Indian Country Development

Number of HUD 184 loans by type of land (1995-2015)

Despite high demand for homeownership options on trust lands, the HUD Section 184 Home Loan Guaranty Program, the primary source of mortgage finance to Native American home borrowers, lends mostly on fee lands.

Video: Mortgage Market Outlooks Post-Recession and Impacts in Indian Country (2016)

Daniel R. Ringo, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and Miriam Jorgensen, Native Nations Institute

Discussion of market impacts at the Center for Indian Country Development’s Mortgage Lending in Indian Country conference.