Working Groups

The National Native Homeownership Coalition's (NNHC) working groups have created and are carrying out large-scale work plans to address the most difficult issues preventing more widespread homeownership in Native communities. These groups are very active, meeting regularly via conference calls, engaging the key players and policy makers, and bringing more awareness to how important homeownership is in Native communities—​culturally and as a driver for business and job creation, as well as educational opportunities.

The Working Groups

Lending Systems

Find legal and systems-based solutions to barriers related to jurisdiction, legal infrastructure, leasing and title processing, and loan underwriting and thereby improve opportunities for homeownership on trust lands.

Homebuyer Readiness

Focus on community engagement and communication with culturally relevant materials, and on creating national and regional intermediaries to improve opportunities for homeownership on trust lands.

Capital and Secondary Markets

Examine national capital sources for mortgage lending and secondary markets for native mortgage loans to improve opportunities for homeownership on trust lands.

Tribal Leadership Support

Promote the education and facilitation of best practices of homeownership, such as updating mortgage agreements and creating a resource guide or "how-to" kit for tribes by region.

Data and Research

Meet the data analysis needs of the Steering Committee and other Working Groups and to develop an evidence-based case for homeownership as an economic development strategy.

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