CICD Working Paper 2017-03

Supplement to Reservation Employer Establishments

Randall Akee | University of California, Los Angeles
Elton Mykerezi | University of Minnesota
Richard M. Todd | Vice President and Advisor to the CICD

Published August 23, 2017

This paper is a companion to CICD Working Paper 2017-02, “Reservation Employer Establishments: Data from the U.S. Census Longitudinal Business Database,” by Randall Akee, Elton Mykerezi, and Richard M. Todd (AMT). This paper serves as a reference document by providing an extensive list of the companion working paper’s regression results for 18 industry sectors and multiple regression specifications as well as a much more complete graphical summary of how the reservation-versus-county differences in establishment and job numbers implied by these regressions vary with population levels and industry.

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