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Piikani Money Campaign

The Blackfeet Nation’s Piikani Money “Just Don’t Blow It” campaign is a multi-faceted demonstration initiative developed to enhance the financial readiness of tribal landowners in anticipation of the Cobell Land Buy Back (LBB) program.

The Piikani Money “Just Don’t Blow It” campaign is a grassroots pilot program launched by the Native American Community Development Corporation (a corporation founded by Elouise Cobell), the Blackfeet Nation, the Center for Indian Country Development, and other organizations and agencies working together to support landowners on the Blackfeet Reservation who have received offers from the Department of the Interior under its Land Buy Back (LBB) program. The campaign is intended to foster awareness of predatory practices and scams as well as increase knowledge of beneficial financial practices and opportunities, and thus increase the financial readiness and awareness of those individuals who may be receiving LBB payments. The pilot program may be customized for other similar “sudden money” events, such as Keepseagle or other financial settlements resulting in payments to individual tribal citizens, A study has found that when large amounts of money are injected in a relatively low-economic community there is a higher risk of individuals being scammed by predatory sellers of goods, becoming victims of financial abuse, or missing financial opportunities such as becoming homeowners or business owners, or saving for education. The campaign’s focus, through a broad multi-media platform, is to help LBB offerees and their families to become financially aware and prepared.

Additional Resources


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Documents & Presentations

Blackfeet Land Buy Back Financial Awareness Campaign Overview [docx]

The-Pikani-Money-Just-Dont-Blow-it-Campaign [pdf]

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New-Money-Coming-Into-Indian-Country-Plan-for-the-Long-Term [pdf]

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Top-3-Ways-to-Make-Land-Buy-Back-Money-Matter [pdf]

Audio & Video

“Just Don’t Blow It”: Blackfeet’s Piikani Money Campaign Webinar [YouTube]

Piikani Money Radio Show, December 2, 2016 [Soundcloud]

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Piikani Money Radio Show, November 4, 2016 [Soundcloud]