Promoting financial awareness for twenty new tribes receiving Land Buy-Back offers

The Piikani Money “Just Don’t Blow It” Campaign is a grassroots program that supports financial awareness in processing offers from the Department of the Interior under the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations, which implements the land consolidation component of the Cobell Settlement by purchasing fractional interests from willing sellers at fair market value and restoring them to tribal trust ownership. The Piikani Money Campaign was created originally to serve the people of the Blackfeet Nation as they processed buy back offers.

Now, the Campaign is being offered as a resource to the new tribes in the Land Buy-Back Program for local use as they implement the Land Buy-Back Program in their communities. The Piikani Money Campaign provides resources to:

  • Foster knowledge about predatory practices and scams
  • Increase awareness about beneficial financial practices and opportunities
  • Improve financial readiness and encourage smart investing
  • Encourage better understanding of how Land Buy-Back monies affect future lease income and public benefits

A recent study found that when large amounts of money are injected into a relatively low-economic community, there is a higher risk of scams, predatory lending, and financial abuse, as well as missed financial opportunities such as paying off debt, supporting homeownership, starting a business, or saving for education. The Campaign’s broad multi-media platform helps Land Buy-Back offerees and their families become financially aware and prepared. Click here for the Piikani Money Toolkit and Resources.

See also Engagement letter sent by CICD Advisor, Major Robinson