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Minnesota Economic Association

2019 Annual Conference

2018 Annual Conference

2017 Annual Conference

2016 Annual Conference—Election Year Economics

2015 Annual Conference—Economics All Around Us

2014 Annual Conference—Issues in Macroeconomics

2013 Annual Conference—The People-Based Economy and Development Economics

2012 Annual Conference—Election Year Economics

2011 Annual Conference—The Economics of Inequality, Education and Copyrights 

2010 Annual Conference—Mainstreet Economics: Labor Markets and Health Care in America

2009 Annual Conference—The Financial Crisis: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

2008 Annual Conference—Election Year Economics

2007 Conference—Energy and Environmental Economics

2006 Conference—Competing with Wal-Mart and Southwest Airlines: Business Restructuring in the Retail and Airline Industries

2005 Conference—Lessons from Neuroeconomics

2004 Conference

2003 Conference