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Minnesota Economic Association

2011 Undergraduate Student Paper Contest Winners

Senior Thesis

First Place

Jimerson Ascencio Ferrufino, Macalester College
"What is the Effect of Trade on the Gender Wage Gap in the Mexican Manufacturing Sector?" [pdf]
Advisor: Raymond Robertson

Second Place

Needham Hurst, Macalester College
"How Does Light Rail Transit Affect Urban Land Use?" [pdf]
Advisor: Sarah West

Third Place (tie)

Katherine Lindquist, Carleton College
"Horizontal Educational Inequities and Civil Conflict: The Nexus of Ethnicity, Inequality, and Violent Conflict" [pdf]
Advisor: Radek Szulga

Taimur Ali Khan, Carleton College
"Cointegration of International Stock Markets: An Investigation of Diversification Opportunities" [pdf]
Advisor: Pavel Kapinos

Term Paper

First Place

Philip Titcombe, Macalester College
"Does Childhood Immunization Lead to Future Gains in Individual Labor Productivity? Evidence from the Philippines" [pdf]
Advisor: Amy Damon

Second Place

Yuyoung Park, Minnesota State University Mankato
"An Analysis of the Relationship Between Financial Aid for Higher Education and Crime Rate" [pdf]
Advisor: Ihsuan Li

Third Place

Senthuran Raveendranathan and Tristan Taru, Macalester College
"Monetary Assessment and Predicted Utility Dissociation Across Two Goods" [pdf]
Advisor: Peter Ferderer