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Minnesota Economic Association

2012 Undergraduate Student Paper Contest Winners

Senior Thesis


First Place

Adam Freedman, Macalester College
Mud on Your Face, Big Disgrace vs. The Wisdom of Crowds: Macroforecasters' Herding Behavior Over Time" [pdf]
Advisor: Pete Ferderer

Second Place

Ruben Ramirez, Carleton College
Historical Economic Integration in Europe: Application of a Threshold Auto-Regressive Model with Price Data from 1295-1914” [pdf]
Advisor: Radek Szulga

Third Place (tie)

Tyler Petersen, University of St. Thomas
Bringing Home the Bacon: How Does Slicing the Pork Affect the Electability and Fundraising of Congressional Candidates?” [pdf]
Advisor: Monica E. Hartmann

Rosamond Mate, Macalester College
What Factors Influence Consumers' Decisions to Purchase Energy Star Appliances?” [pdf]
Advisor: Sarah West

Term Paper

First Place

Caroline Davidson, Macalester College
How Does Mass Media Exposure Affect Knowledge of Different Contraceptive Techniques Among Women in Brazil?” [pdf]
Advisor: Raymond Robertson

Second Place

Natalie Camplair, Macalester College
Does proximity to wind farms affect the value of nearby residential properties? Evidence from Washington and New York States” [pdf]
Advisor: Gary Krueger

Third Place (tie)

Thomas Hegland, St. Olaf College
The Effect of Welfare on Educational Advancement among Unmarried Mothers" [pdf]
Advisor: Rebecca Judge

William Creedon, Macalester College
Do Commercial Banks’ Foreign Claims affect Sovereign Bond Yields in the Euro Zone?” [pdf]
Advisor: Raymond Robertson

Jessica Baier, Macalester College
Brains over brawn: Are there lower levels of wage discrimination between the sexes in industries that require less physical strength and more cognitive skill?” [pdf]
Advisor: Karine S. Moe