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New Handbook Seeks to Help Tribes Create Homeownership Opportunities in Indian Country

Minneapolis, July 9, 2018 In an effort to increase affordable housing options on trust lands in Indian Country, the Minneapolis Fed’s Center for Indian Country Development (CICD) has published the Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership. The CICD has been working to identify and resolve issues around homeownership on tribal lands since 2016 and will release the Handbook on July 10.

The Handbook is intended to provide tribal leaders and their partners with a comprehensive overview of the homeownership and mortgage lending processes in Indian Country, as well as best practices for preparing homeowners, designing a community, and financing projects. The objectives of the Handbook include reducing obstacles to homeownership and increasing capital investments in Native communities.

“Housing options are a key element to dynamic community development, economic growth, and stable families,” said Patrice Kunesh, director of the Center for Indian Country Development. Yet despite a strong desire on many American Indian reservations to own a home, homeownership is not always readily available. “We’re very excited about the guidance the Handbook will provide to increase access to mortgage capital on tribal lands,” Kunesh said.

Over the next two days, the CICD will host a conference to highlight important research and other resources to make homeownership and mortgage capital more accessible in Native communities. Day 1 (July 9) focuses on land data for promoting reservation business and homeownership development. The U.S. Department of the Interior and the Center for Indian Country Development will discuss the importance of accurate and complete land records, efficient business processes, and the role of land status in economic development.

Day 2 (July 10) focuses on creating the opportunity for choice in Indian Country. The Center for Indian Country Development, Enterprise Community Partners, and NeighborWorks America continue the conversation with systems leaders to make homeownership a real opportunity and launch the Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership.

Watch a livestream of Day 2 at, starting at 8:00a CT.

For conference information and the Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership (available at 11:45a CT on July 10):

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