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Change to Reserves Reports

Change to Reserves Reports - March 2013

Published March 11, 2013  | March 2013 issue

Are you aware that effective June 27, 2013, with the implementation of Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration, Reserve Reports (Report of Required Reserves, Reserve Position Reports, Required Reserves in Pass-Through Accounts and Interest on Reserves Advices) will no longer be available via FedMail (email and/or fax)?

Institutions that are FedMail users and do not currently have access to the FedLine web access solution will need to set up access for subscribers to use Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration in order to maintain access to Reserves information.

All current ReserveCalc Subscribers will automatically be given access to the new Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration.

If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact the Credit/PSR/Reserves area at 1-877-837-8815.