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Consumer Affairs Update - June 2011

Published June 1, 2011  | June 2011 issue

Several years ago, the Federal Reserve System adopted a risk-focused consumer compliance supervision program. In addition to outlining a process for conducting consumer compliance examinations and reviews, the program highlights the need for the System to provide state member banks with timely information regarding consumer compliance regulatory and supervisory matters. This newsletter contributes to the outreach goal, a particularly important objective now given the recent increase in the volume and complexity of consumer compliance-related regulatory changes. Here we are providing a few key resources that banks can rely on in the future to help fashion and maintain a strong compliance program.

In particular, the System developed the Consumer Compliance Outlook newsletter and the Outlook Live webinar as channels for distributing compliance-related information to state member banks. The Consumer Compliance Outlook is a quarterly publication with articles on regulatory changes, compliance management best practices, federal court opinions and other compliance issues. During the System’s periodic Outlook Live webinars, Federal Reserve staff discuss regulatory changes and other compliance topics of interest. You can access current and previous Consumer Compliance Outlook issues or archived versions of the Outlook Live webinars online. You can also register at this website to receive future Outlook issues in electronic or paper format and notice of upcoming Outlook Live webinars.