Banking in the Ninth

Remember to Make AOCI Election in Your March 31 Regulatory Filing

Safety and Soundness Update - March 2015

Published March 6, 2015  | March 2015 issue

Banks and thrifts have a very important election to make in their March 31, 2015, regulatory report. The new capital rules allow nonadvanced approaches institutions to exclude most elements of their accumulated other comprehensive income (AOCI) from regulatory capital. But institutions must choose to receive the exclusion. Institutions must indicate their AOCI opt-out choice in the March 31, 2015, regulatory report. Enter “1” for yes to opt out, or enter “0” for no. An institution’s parent holding company that files a March 31, 2015, FR Y-9C report must make the same AOCI opt-out election as its subsidiary depository institution(s).