Community Dividend

Community Affairs Officer's note - Issue 3, 1999

Community Affairs Officer's note - Issue 3, 1999

JoAnne Lewellen | Community Affairs Officer

Published November 1, 1999  | November 1999 issue

As a follow-up to the Winter 1998-1999 issue of Community Dividend focusing on mixed-use development, the cover article provides an overview of the "Back to the Future: Mixed-Use Development" conference held on April 27, 1999. Speakers and conference participants shared valuable insight on mixed-use development and its role in the future of the Twin Cities region. This article highlights their views, as well as some lessons learned from developing mixed-use projects.

A second article focuses on fair lending laws and the new fair lending examination procedures used by the Reserve Bank and other federal banking regulators.

Credit opens doors—to homeownership, small business development and a host of other economic opportunities. This Reserve Bank is responsible for ensuring that state member banks comply with consumer protection laws, including those that ensure fair access to credit. To help prevent illegal discrimination, it is important that both lenders and consumers understand fair lending laws and regulations.

This feature is part of a continuing series that focuses on bank consumer and compliance issues.

The third article in this issue focuses on Harvard's Tribal Governance Awards Program, which recognizes innovative programs in Indian Country. Five of the finalists are programs on reservations located in the Ninth Federal Reserve District. These programs represent successful models of tribal governance, ranging from a tribal corporation that manages a buffalo herd and processing plant to an off-reservation Indian foster care program.