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Meet the lenders interviewed

An introduction to the lenders interviewed in our "Mixed-use development: Through the lenders' looking glass" feature.

Published December 1, 1998  | December 1998 issue

Orlena Iversen, vice president of Commercial Lending at TCF National Bank Minnesota, works with financing for inner-city and first-ring suburban mixed-use development projects. Her area of expertise is small business and commercial real estate lending for small-scale mixed-use projects located along established commercial corridors in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Mark Johnson, senior vice president of Commercial Real Estate Lending for Richfield Bank & Trust Co., participates in mid-sized mixed-use development projects primarily through construction financing and commercial real estate loans to developers. Richfield Bank and Trust is headquartered in the city of Richfield, a developed first-ring suburb of Minneapolis.

Andrew Swammi, commercial banking officer at the Minneapolis Branch of Western Bank, typically works with small business owners who require financing to purchase and renovate existing mixed-use buildings located in Minneapolis and St. Paul.