Source: Brookings Institution analysis of International Federation of Robotics data

Machines won’t take all the jobs, but they’ll likely change them

Tu-Uyen Tran April 24, 2019

Report: A quarter of Ninth District jobs are ripe for disruption in the next wave of automation, and they’re not just in factories anymore

Beige Bonus: And now a word from the employment canaries

Ronald A. Wirtz April 24, 2019

A strong labor market has a lot of turbulence below the surface

A healthy, if more slender, job-laying goose

Ronald A. Wirtz April 15, 2019

New business creation has seen steady growth in the Ninth District, but growth lags the national average, and related employment from new businesses has been dropping across the country

Farmers heading to fields hoping for better days

Ronald A. Wirtz March 22, 2019

Continued low prices, high production expenses, and extreme weather leading to more farm stress, including higher chapter 12 bankruptcies

The Bakken story: Oil prices down, but activity holding up

Joe Mahon February 20, 2019

As drilling and fracking technology improves, the break-even price becomes a moving target

A healthful economy in Rochester

Ronald A. Wirtz February 7, 2019

Dominated by health care, the city and region are seeing sustained growth amid attempts to diversify from—while still strengthening—their core

Regional manufacturers expect continued growth in 2019

Joe Mahon January 14, 2019

The 2018 Manufacturing Survey results reflect responses from more than 450 manufacturing operations of various sizes across the Ninth District's six states

Women in the workplace

Alyssa Augustine December 17, 2018

Minneapolis Fed Law department hosts panel discussion on gender equity

Beige Bonus: Continued growth, but some mixed signals

Ronald A. Wirtz March 11, 2019

Outlook positive among businesses, but some headwinds persist

Beige Bonus: Growth continues, but more caution as 2018 ended

Ronald A. Wirtz January 25, 2019

Here’s an expanded look at Ninth District business conditions

South Dakota economy seeing slower growth, but not everywhere

Ronald A. Wirtz December 18, 2018

A Minneapolis Fed tour paints a picture of the state’s struggling farms, strong construction, and a tight labor market

Beige Bonus: An expanded look at regional economic conditions

Ronald A. Wirtz December 7, 2018

Growth across much of the Ninth District economy despite some headwinds

Human capital, demographics, economic growth, and immigrants

Jay Weiner November 14, 2018

A wrap-up: Second annual Regional Economic Conditions Conference

Businesses say they’ll hire … if they can

Joe Mahon December 7, 2018

Ninth District hiring and compensation survey

An opportunity that no one saw … and then they did

Jacob Wascalus October 10, 2018

On the Pine Ridge Reservation, a new way to discuss homeownership changed minds