Source: Brookings Institution analysis of International Federation of Robotics data

Child care availability raises concerns

Ashwini Sankar July 18, 2018

Movement is away from home-based programs and toward child care centers

Immigrant entrepreneurial programs that work

Andy Steiner July 17, 2018

Immigration feature: “Secret sauce” stirs deep relationships.

Immigrant entrepreneurs revitalize Minnesota town

Andy Steiner July 17, 2018

Immigration feature: Here’s a look at one Minnesota community’s welcoming approach that has promoted immigrant entrepreneurship.

A global community in rural Minnesota

Joe Mahon July 18, 2018

A visit to Worthington, Minn., shows a rural community that has welcomed immigrants and thrived as a result

Motivated to automate

Phil Davies March 28, 2018

Scarce labor and competitive pressures are leading Ninth District manufacturers to invest in smart machines

A family tree: Understanding blockchain

Angela Lawson June 7, 2018

Blockchain, like DNA, creates a reliable record of values and transactions—without a central authority. Tantalizing potential, but we’re not there yet.

Southern U.P. finding its legs, looking for workers

Ronald A. Wirtz June 6, 2018

District Spotlight: Escanaba and the southern Upper Peninsula

A rising mountain of student debt

Ashwini Sankar April 4, 2018

Blame (maybe) tuition hikes, the Great Recession and lower college completion rates

At your service

Phil Davies March 28, 2018

Robots and other forms of automation are shouldering routine tasks beyond the manufacturing floor

Looking ahead for the Twin Ports

Ronald A. Wirtz April 19, 2018

District Spotlight: Outreach visit to Duluth-Superior shows a region trying to find a complement—not a replacement—for its high-value legacy industries

Green shoots sprout in the Bakken

Phil Davies and Ashwini Sankar February 1, 2018

Higher oil prices spark a modest resurgence in the district’s oil patch

Small town, but not small talk

Ronald A. Wirtz March 5, 2018

Outreach visit to Pierre, S.D., shows how policy and business flow through the state’s small capital city

Job skills with a foreign accent

Ann Harrington January 11, 2018

University of Minnesota professor Ryan Allen on why immigrant labor matters to Minnesota’s economy

Houses are where jobs sleep at night

Phil Davies January 9, 2018

Why affordable housing is important to the economy—and community well-being

The worst they've ever seen

Ashwini Sankar November 8, 2017

A severe drought in Montana and the Dakotas leaves its mark on farmers, ranchers and others dependent on the land

Training more country doctors

Ann Harrington October 12, 2017

Medical geographer Gary Hart on North Dakota’s efforts to increase the number of rural physicians

Everything must go

Phil Davies September 19, 2017

A rash of store closings is a sign that the ground has shifted under bricks-and-mortar merchants, with consequences for the retail sector and district communities

Trouble at the mall

Phil Davies September 19, 2017

Store closings are hurting older, less “cool” indoor shopping centers

Border-to-Border dreams

Phil Davies and Ann Harrington August 15, 2017

Minnesota set out to be a leader in broadband with its Border-to-Border grants, but access remains elusive in many rural areas

Sioux Falls: Diverse, growing and looking for workers

Angela Eilers May 4, 2017

District Spotlight

Health insurance for (almost) everybody

Phil Davies and Ashwini Sankar April 24, 2017

Measuring Ninth District health coverage gains and trade-offs under the Affordable Care Act

Things are looking up in the U.P.

Ronald A. Wirtz April 27, 2017

District Spotlight

Trouble on the farm

Phil Davies April 12, 2017

District crop and livestock producers are struggling to cope with a sharp drop in commodity prices

A call to action for community banks

Phil Davies and Joseph Smith April 12, 2017

District ag lenders are working with producers to keep them in business

La Crosse picks up the pace

Ronald A. Wirtz February 28, 2017

District Spotlight

Forging job-skills partnerships

Ann Harrington January 19, 2017

Workforce special report:
Employers hungry for skilled workers are stepping up to help two-year colleges deliver

On the job, and up the ladder

Ann Harrington January 19, 2017

At last, a wage bump

Phil Davies and Ashwini Sankar December 5, 2016

Workforce special report:
After years of stagnation, average earnings in the district appear to be rising

Everybody into the (labor) pool

Phil Davies December 5, 2016

Workforce special report:
Hard pressed for recruits, many Ninth District employers are reaching out to seniors, immigrants and other societal groups that may not be taking full part in the workforce.

Second chances

Phil Davies December 5, 2016

Opening pathways to employment for felons and recovering substance abusers

Working through demographic change

Phil Davies December 5, 2016

Workforce special report:
Minnesota State Demographer Susan Brower on the impact of an aging population on the workforce and economic growth

From Billings to Brunei

Phil Davies and Ashwini Sankar September 6, 2016

A Ninth District view of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

A time of testing

Phil Davies July 21, 2016

The pressure is on the district’s wind and solar power industries to show that they can stand on their own without major tax subsidies

The rise and fall of career college enrollment

Phil Davies and Ashwini Sankar June 2, 2016

Enrollment at district for-profit institutions surged during the recession, but has since declined

Power has its price

Frank Jossi April 20, 2016

Angst over electricity rates runs deep in some parts of the district

A time to bond

Phil Davies March 28, 2016

After weathering some rough years, municipal bonding is on the upswing in the district

Where’s the beef?

Phil Davies March 17, 2016

Agricultural economist Gary Brester on the effects of drought and an evolving ag economy on cattle production

Health insurance concentration: The big bully or one of the gang?

Ronald A. Wirtz February 1, 2016

Health insurers are consolidating, but the effect might not be as straightforward as it seems

Health care consolidation: Which way is up, and why are we going there?

Ronald A. Wirtz October 29, 2015

Health care providers are looking to scale—in a variety of forms—to meet evolving market demands and regulatory pressures

Help wanted for workforce housing

Phil Davies October 29, 2015

Housing development for workers lags job growth in some district communities

Job growth since the recession: A long, slow rehab

Ronald A. Wirtz July 23, 2015

The slow pace of job growth masks wide variation in employment activity among industries, and tight, slow-growing labor markets may make faster job growth difficult

Down the rabbit hole of occupational job growth

Ronald A. Wirtz July 23, 2015

Occupational Employment Statistics offer cautious insights

Assistance with independence

Phil Davies July 23, 2015

Assisted living is an increasingly popular long-term care option in the district

Working on the railroad

Phil Davies April 20, 2015

Ninth District railroads have invested heavily to increase capacity. But matching rail supply to demand remains a work in progress.