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District houses flying off the market

Toby Madden | Regional Economist

Published February 28, 2013

The low inventory of houses is selling at a faster pace.

Every month, Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance surveys thousands of real estate agents across the country. Its recent January survey revealed that houses are staying on the market for less time and sellers are getting closer to the asking price in Ninth District states (see table). Comments from respondents indicated that the lower end of the market has shifted from the buyer’s advantage of a few years ago to the seller’s advantage today—for example, more offers to buy.

Several real estate agents said they are seeing more people interested in buying a home, and one Minnesota respondent commented that multiple offers occur for most homes listed under $130,000. Agents are hoping this increased demand will bring more homes to the market. It also may be driving the increase in new home construction (see previous blog).

Campbell housing survey -- 2-28-13