How has business at your water park this summer compared with recent years?

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Published September 1, 2007  | September 2007 issue

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday business has been really steady, the same as it has been every other year. The beginning-of-the-week business I've seen drop a little bit this summer from previous years. I think that we just have a different traveling pattern going on. ... I've seen it coming on more and more over the last couple years, and it's just really sticking out more so this year than other years. I don't know exactly what you could try to pin it to. I don't think gas price; everybody likes to say it's just gas prices, but I think there's a lot of other factors involved.
Todd Nasi, General Manager
Waters of Minocqua—Minocqua, Wis.

In general, the season started out slow, because we had a pretty wet spring. So Memorial weekend, the weather had an impact on us, and the early part of June. But since the second week of June, we've had great weather. We've had this record heat, high temperatures, and it has been good for our business. ... This year, I can say overall that our attendance is up 8 percent over the prior year.
Bob Morgan, General Manager
Raging Rivers Water Park—Mandan, N.D

This year has been an exceptional year with the weather over 90 degrees for about 25 days out of the month of July. And we are above attendance and revenue figures for at least the last four years. ... We definitely peaked out in our attendance in the mid-to-late-'90s, when we saw the advent of a lot of other water parks coming online in the northwest. But we've been able to adjust our entrance rates and keep our revenue high with less people coming to the park.
Roger Elliott, General Manager
Big Sky Water Park—Columbia Falls, Mont.

We have been up from last year. But, I mean, we're still not great. We're not like we were three or four years ago, but we're up. ... I don't know [why business is slower], I couldn't tell you. Maybe the economy, I don't know.
Vicki Hudson, General Manager
Evans Plunge—Hot Springs, S.D.

Our business is a little down this year compared to last year. And I don't know that our indoor water playground has really helped that much. I think that we really don't have as many families traveling this year. I've noticed less people and less families here during the week compared to last year. And I'm sure it's gas prices. Weekends are fairly busy.
Don Makowski, General Manager
Comfort Suites—Escanaba, Mich.

Business has been good. It has been an odd summer. It was cooler than normal in the beginning of July, and now it's hotter than normal and no rain. So it has been good. Weather like this is perfect for outdoor water parks. ... Last year was an awesome year, probably a record year, and we're slightly up from last year, so we're very happy with how business is.
Amy Fischmon, Co-Owner
Wild Mountain—Taylors Falls, Minn.