Letter to the Editor

Re: Two-Year Colleges

Published September 1, 2004  | September 2004 issue

Re: Two-Year Colleges

To the Editor:

Your recent series of articles on two-year colleges [July 2004] was excellent. The 25 two-year technical and community colleges within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System not only provide more than 160,000 students with access to higher education opportunity each year, but also provide employee training to about 6,000 employers throughout the state.

One advantage of Minnesota 's higher education structure is the existence of a unified system of state universities and two-year colleges. By having diverse types of institutions in a single system, we have been able to make it much easier for students to transfer from one type of institution to another. In recent years, our seven state universities have worked closely with the two-year colleges to offer a number of baccalaureate programs on two-year college campuses, offering added opportunity and convenience for students.

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System has a tremendous economic impact in the state. A recent study by economist Paul Anton estimated that for every dollar in net state appropriation invested in the system, $6.14 is returned, mostly in increased productivity of our graduates.

Thank you for alerting your readers to the opportunities offered by two-year colleges.

James H. McCormick
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System
St. Paul, Minn.