Ninth District Population Changes

Published October 1, 1996  | October 1996 issue

Income and Poverty Estimates
Data by state and county, via U.S. Census Bureau

Is trend destiny?
Ninth District rural population grows, but consolidation continues
fedgazette, October 1996

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Maps and charts


Population change in Ninth District counties—1990-1995

Chart: District Population Change by County 1990-1995


Population change in Ninth District counties—1980-1990

Population Chart


Population change in rural Ninth District counties—1990-1995

Chart: Rural Counties Population Change 1990-1995


Population change in rural Ninth District counties:

Urban population 2,000 to 19,999—1990-1995

Chart population


Urban population 20,000 or more—1990-1995

Chart:Rural Counties Urban Population, 1990-1995


Population change in metropolitan Ninth District counties—1990-1995

Chart: Metro Counties Population Change 1990-1995


Annual population change—1870-1920, 1920-1995, 1990-1995

Chart Annual Population Change