Not all states are created equal when it comes to foundation giving

Published April 20, 2015  | April 2015 issue

In 2012, foundation grants to Minnesota recipients totaled $421 million, compared with $151 million for Wisconsin and between $20 million and $30 million for the Dakotas and Montana. Though many foundations give to recipients nationwide, foundation grants in a given state tend to be a function of the number and (especially) asset size of in-state foundations. Wisconsin has the largest number of foundations, both by absolute and per capita measures, but they tend to be smaller in asset size, at least compared with Minnesota’s foundations. Minnesota not only has a healthy number of foundations, but many have considerable assets, which translates into higher overall giving. In 2012, Minnesota had more foundations with $100 million in assets than the other four district states combined (16 to 13). In 2013, the number of such Minnesota foundations grew to 24, according March 2015 data from the Minnesota Council on Foundations.

Chart: Foundations and assets in Ninth District states
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