Proposed Ninth District Coal-Fired Plants

Map of Proposed Ninth District Coal-Fired Plants

Published September 1, 2004  | September 2004 issue

Map of Ninth District Proposed Coal-Fired Plants

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Location: Marquette
Sponsoring Utilities: WE Energies
Status: Received a Clean Coal Initiative grant to develop a process
to isolate mercury, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide in an existing plant.
Cost: $25 million, paid by federal government.


Location: Hoyt Lakes
Sponsoring Utilities: Mesaba Energy, part of Excelsior Energy
Status: Uncertain, proposed 531-megawatt plant awaiting loan decision
pending Energy Bill
Cost: $1 billion


Location: Circle/Miles City
Sponsoring Utilities: Great Northern Power Development
Status: Proposed 560-megawatt plant
Cost: $850 million to $900 million

Location: Great Falls
Sponsoring Utilities: Southern Montana Electric Generation
and Transmission Co-op
Status: Proposed 250-megawatt plant
Cost: $470 million

Location: Hardin
Sponsoring Utilities: Centennial Energy Resources LLC
(subsidiary of Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.)
Status: 116-megawatt project now under construction
Cost: Undetermined

Location: Otter Creek
Sponsoring Utilities: Kennecott, Bechtel, Wesco
Status: Proposed 3,000-megawatt plant
Cost: Undetermined

Location: Roundup
Sponsoring Utilities: Bull Mountain Power
Status: Under review after lawsuits by environmentalists
Cost: $910 million

North Dakota

Location: Gascoyne
Sponsoring Utilities: Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.
and Westmoreland Power Co.
Status: Proposed 175-megawatt coal-fired lignite plant
Cost: $300 million

Location: South Heart
Sponsoring Utilities: Great Northern Power Development
Status: Proposed 500-megawatt coal-fired plant/60 megawatts of wind
Cost: $850 million to $900 million

South Dakota

Location: Edgemont
Sponsoring Utilities: Kfx, Denver, Colo.
Status: Newly proposed, employs process eliminating water
and heavy metals
Cost: $250 million


Location: Wausau
Utility: WPS Resources Corp.
Proposal: 515-megawatt coal-fired plant
Cost: $750 million

Location: Undetermined
Utilities: Alliant Energy Corp., WPS Resources Corp.
Proposal: 500-megawatt coal-fired plant
Cost: Undetermined

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