Tariff removal stages under the free trade agreement

David Fettig | Managing Editor

Published March 1, 1989  | March 1989 issue

Immediate elimination: As of Jan. 1, 1989, tariffs were eliminated on automatic data processing machines and related equipment; furs and fur garments; motorcycles; raw hides, skins and leather; unprocessed fish; and whiskey and rum.

Five-year staging: By Jan. 1, 1994, tariffs will be eliminated on after-market automotive parts, chemicals, explosives, furniture, most machines, paper, petroleum, precious jewelry, printed matter, certain types of meat, certain musical instruments, and telecommunications products and services.

Ten-year staging: By Jan. 1, 1999, tariffs will be eliminated on beef, consumer appliances, costume jewelry, most farm and fish products, most wood products, distilled spirits other than whiskey and rum, certain musical instruments, plastics, precision instruments, rubber, ships, steel, lead, zinc, base metal products, textiles and apparel, tires, watches, wine and beer.