What are your expectations for the coming tourism season?

District Voices

Published May 1, 2001  | May 2001 issue

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We're still pretty open because we don't get bookings until late spring. Business hasn't been as busy as it could because of the mismanagement of the [Missouri] river by the Army Corps of Engineers. They let the water out of the river. The North Dakota tourism industry is a $93 million industry. We're losing out to a $7 million barge industry.
Randy Bosch
Bosch's Bayside—Linton, N.D.

We're guardedly optimistic. There are certain things beyond our control—the economic slowdown and the fact that tourism is a discretionary expenditure. If we're similar to last summer, we'll be okay. Last summer's gas prices affected us. The state, overall, did okay but visitors to Yellowstone declined. We haven't had moisture, so fires are a concern again. Even with the fires last year, we still had our second best year in history. ... We have no reason not to be hopeful.
Matthew Cohn, Director
Travel Montana—Helena, Mont.

It looks like it may be the same as last year, which was down because of the [July 1999] storm. Our outfitting [guided trips] is virtually nonexistent since the storm, and the camping and lodging rentals have been down about one quarter since then.
Susan Jankovich, Assistant Manager
Nor'Wester Lodge and Campgrounds—Grand Marais, Minn.

We aren't booked up, but we're getting quite a few reservations. It looks like it's going to be a good season. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but we hope it's going to be anyway. We're booking at about the same rate as last year, and we're filled up the second week in August because of that motorcycle rally [in Sturgis].
Alice Baysinger, Owner
Badlands Interior Campground—Interior, S.D.

We're expecting a phenomenal spring and summer. Michigan State University recently announced their forecast, projecting people to be doing a lot of traveling within the state—we hope to benefit from that. It's a benefit to have our target and loyalty markets within a couple of hours drive. ... With all of the extra snow we've had this year it should be a spectacular season for waterfalls.
Victoria Wagner, Executive Director
Marquette Country Convention—Marquette, Mich.

It's about the same as last year. We're booked solid from May through August. Not a single opening. Everyone booked for this year at the end of their stay last summer.
Jarold Welter, Owner
Four Seasons Hotel and Resort—Hayward, Wis.