Wisconsin Percent Change in Population 1990—2000


Published September 1, 2002  | September 2002 issue

Every county in the Ninth District (roughly the northwestern one-third of the state) saw its population grow, from a high of 26 percent in St. Croix (across the state border from the Twin Cities) to under 2 percent for three counties.

While much of the growth was the result of the continued encroachment of the Twin Cities region into its neighboring state, the five easternmost counties saw their populations increase an average of 14 percent. Relatively strong growth was posted throughout northern and northwestern Wisconsin despite the fact that nine of 26 counties actually saw more deaths than births. In these nine counties—all of them smaller counties removed from metro areas—average net migration exceeded 14 percent.

Chart-Percent Change in Population-Wisconsin, 1990-2000

Source: U.S. Census Bureau