Ninth District Insight

The Ninth District Insight survey provides a front-line perspective on the economic health of low- to moderate-income communities in the Ninth District.

From the 2011 inception of Ninth District Insight through 2014, survey results were released as written reports, which are available via the year-by-year menu below. The Ninth District Insight survey was not conducted in 2015; when it returned in 2016, survey results were released in the form of a webinar and accompanying at-a-glance report.

For 2017, we are releasing Ninth District Insight survey results as a series of four blog posts. These will be available on our CD360 Notebook blog page and will also be listed below as they are released.

Survey Results Post #1: October 25, 2017

Surveys highlight workforce challenges across range of occupations and skills

Survey Results Post #2: November 7, 2017

Demand for services by low- to moderate-income households up, optimism for service organization capacity down

Survey Results Post #3: November 21, 2017

Small business access to credit stable; some challenges to small business growth

Survey Results Post #4: December 15, 2017

Why are homeownership rates among low- to moderate-income households low?



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