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Teams wind up to pitch stadiums
Pioneer Press, January 7, 2003

Business or Blackmail?
Desperate town gives concessions to paper company, Part II
Newsday, March 18, 2002

Lending, Losing
NY's job-boosting program shows mixed results, Part I
Newsday, March 17, 2002

Minnesota Has Thrown Baseball a Curve,
St. Paul Pioneer Press, November 7, 2001

Expert says Minnesota's economy would go on without Twins
Minneapolis StarTribune, November 4, 2001

Corporate welfare is a loser for all states,
Putting money into other things brings better results
Charleston Gazette, November 1, 2001

Subsidies at Sea
Mother Jones, May/June 2001

Using tax breaks to lure industry is American way
Lincoln Star Journal, May 7, 2001

Economic development money increases, but critics question usefulness
Associated Press Newswires, May 1, 2001

Economic development is a checking league
Gannett News Service, April 28-29, 2001

Playing the Boeing Bidding Game
Business Week
March 30, 2001

By providing subsidy, state could make the difference
Milwaukee Sentinal Journal, January 20, 2001

When it comes to getting taxpayer dollars, sports teams have nothing on businesses
York Daily Record, December 13, 2000

State job wars hurt economy
The Cincinnati Post, September 6, 2000

Business welfare hard to eliminate
Houston Chronicle, August 22, 2000

U.S. may not be best place for business
Chatham Daily News, August 15, 2000

Avoid rewarding only a select few businesses
Duluth News Tribune, August 13, 2000

Incentives draw economist's wrath
The Fresno Bee, August 6, 2000

Some economists say company subsidies don't help taxpayers,
Minneapolis StarTribune, May 8, 2000

Eye on America: Corporate Welfare
CBS Evening News, April 24, 2000

Minneapolis faces possible tiff over TIF redevelopment,
Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 10, 2000

Governments rethink corporate tax breaks,
Chicago Tribune, March 14, 2000

It'll take an act of Congress to end economic bidding wars,
Minneapolis Star Tribune, January 11, 2000

December 20, 1999
The American Prospect, Inc.
Wild Pitch

December 19, 1999
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Job-hungry, state woos industry with tax dollars

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Dreams achieved, and sometimes deferred: Some parlay millions from state; others, not a penny, December 5, 1999

State pays out, but promises of jobs don't always play out,
December 4, 1999
November 22, 1999
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Shutting off local government subsidies

Baltimore Sun: “The Giveaway Game”
Taxpayers get no voice in billions for businesses, October 13, 1999
S.C. pays dearly for added jobs, October 12, 1999
$7 million buys Pa. jobs for Md., October 11, 1999
A business bonanza paid by taxpayers, October 10, 1999

August 23, 1999
Investors Business Daily
Stadium Subsidies Striking Out: Owners' Perks Become an International Concern

May/June 1999
The New Democrat
The New War Between the States

May 19, 1999
Dow Jones Newswire
Minn. Fed Official: State Economic Bidding Wars Need To Stop

May 15, 1999
New York Times
Socialism for the Rich

March 14, 1999
The Washington Post
Breaks for Business: Paying Ransom Is No Way to Build a State's Economy

March/April 1999
Business Ethics Magazine
Getting Companies Off the Dole

February 1999
Finance and Commerce

• Economists want a truce declared in ?economic war?
• Coleman: Corporate subsidies are a necessary tool

February 1999
Incentives: Are they Really “Zero Sum?”

February 15, 1999
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey)
Prudential subsidies defended by Newark

February 11, 1999
Wall Street Journal
Development-Deal Jobs Often Pay Below Average, Study Finds

November 9, 1998
Corporate Welfare, a System Exposed

August 11, 1998
The New York Times
Taxes Help Foot the Payrolls as States Vie for Employers

July 17, 1998
The Bismarck Tribune
On balance, Sykes deal is worth it

May 23, 1998
Commercial Appeal
Tax states for giving incentives, expert says

April 22, 1988
USA Today
Few real winners when states fight for business

March 31, 1998
The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Transcript

February 7, 1998
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Report: State should limit corporate subsidies

February 6, 1998
Associate Press - Financial
Penalties might be imposed for bidding wars over corporations

February 1998
Twin Cities Business Monthly
Do corporate subsidies make sense?

Institute for Local Self-Reliance
The economics of pro sports: the fans, the owners, and the rules

December 7, 1997
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Minge seeks to force truce in war of bribes

December 3, 1997
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Minge bill puts subsidy debate on national agenda

November/December 1997
Plants Sites & Parks
Monetary Lapse of Reason

November 21, 1997
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Pre-stadium plan curbs 'bidding war'

November 18, 1997
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Corporate subsidies debated

September 28, 1997
Patriot-News Harrisburg
Business incentives evaluated by experts

August 17, 1997
St. Paul Pioneer Press
It's time for Congress to end sports bidding war

August 12, 1997
The New York Times
Big Toledo concession keep Chrysler plant in town

August 10, 1997
Akron Beacon Journal
Keeping Jeep will cost city, state $232 million

July 8, 1997
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Counterpoint: 'Bailout for billionaires' is truth about stadium

April 13, 1997
St. Paul Pioneer Press
The Northwest deal: a return trip

March 12, 1997
Education Week
Schools' taxes bartered away to garner jobs

March 10, 1997
MS-NBC Business Video
Interview with Art Rolnick

March 10, 1997
U.S. News and World Report
Uproot for the home team

March 5, 1997
Des Moines Register
What does a low tax burden do for a state?

February 26, 1997
St. Paul Pioneer Press
A no-subsidy truce in bidding wars between cities is intriguing proposal

February 8, 1997
Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota)
Bill to end war between states offered

February 3, 1997
Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota)
Is it a state's business to offer monetary incentives?

February 2, 1997
The Arizona Republic
Trade-zone lawsuit is real threat

January 20, 1997
Finance and Commerce
Minnesota companies are staying put

January 19, 1997
Dallas Morning News
States move to curb relocation incentives

January 13, 1997
The Harrisburg Patriot
Playing catch-up

January 12, 1997
St. Paul Pioneer Press
More express concern over tax incentives

November 26, 1996
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Ban urged on states' financial competition for businesses

November 14, 1996
Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota)
Economic civil war should end

November 1996
Governing (published by Congressional Quarterly)
Saving the states from each other: Can Congress dictate an end to the great smokestack chase?

September 10, 1996
The Washington Times
The riches of Federalism

September 1, 1996
The New York Times
O Governor, won't you buy me a Mercedes plant?

August 12, 1996
Skyway News (Minneapolis)
Hit or miss: Would a baseball stadium stimulate the local economy?

July 18, 1996
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Panel concerned about giving subsidies to private business

July 7, 1996
The Boston Globe
Helping Companies Grab All They Can Get

Regulation, Cato Institute
Time to end the economic war between the states

Inc. Special Issue: The State of Small Business
The new civil war

June 24, 1996
State tax notes
Congress should end the economic war among the states

June 24, 1996
Cincinnati Business Courier
Small-biz program comes under fire

June 14, 1996
Kansas City Business Journal
Economic warfare among the states could suffer a blow

June 14, 1996
Tampa Bay Business Journal
Feds look to stop economic incentives war between states

June 10, 1996
Business Journal-San Jose
Federal budget may lead to financial relief for small firms

June 10, 1996
Business Journal-Phoenix & the Valley of the Sun
New laws aim to curb incentive war

June 10, 1996
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
A state of siege

June 10, 1996
Business First-Louisville
States' use of incentives to lure firms in question

June 10, 1996
Cincinnati Business Courier
Legislators examine incentives

June 8, 1996
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Interstate competition for industry is harmful

June 7, 1996
Business Journal-Phoenix & the Valley of the Sun
Bureaucrats lobby en end 'economic war'

June 7, 1996
Triangle Business Journal-Raleigh NC
Feds may stop incentive war for recruitment

June 7, 1996
Wichita Business Journal
State eco/devo giveaways come under close scrutiny

June 7, 1996
Triangle Business Journal-Raleigh NC
Federal budget could deliver small biz help

June 7, 1996
Puget Sound Business Journal
States, feds seek truce in economic development wars

June 7, 1996
San Antonio Business Journal Incentives used by states to lure firms drawing close scrutiny

June 3, 1996
state tax notes
Forging a strategic breakthrough in the economic war among the states

May/June 1996
Technology Review
The Great Internet Tax Drain

May/June 1996
Intellectual Ammunition
Congress should end the bidding war for sports and other businesses

May 24, 1996
The Washington Post
Battle to attract firms, teams hurting some states, experts agree

May 22, 1996
Talk of the Nation radio interview
Economic war among the states

May 21, 1996
Knight-Ridder Financial News
Fed study spawns conference on economic war among states

May 15, 1996
Free trade and social dumping: lessons from the regulation of U.S. interstate commerce

April 24, 1996
Columbus Dispatch
Tax-break Deals Are Discounted as Job-makers

April 19, 1996
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Vying for industry

April 11, 1996
Politics in Minnesota

Broadcasts on Public Radio
These aired on public radio's Marketplace,
April 9, 10, and 11, 1996.
Audio files and transcripts are available.

March 9, 1996
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Conference to examine subsidies

February 25, 1996
Houston Chronicle
No public money to lure pro teams

February 15, 1996
The Charlotte Observer
Maready case might make waves across U.S.

February 9, 1996
St. Cloud Times (Minnesota)
Tax breaks break taxpayers' backs, economist says

February 1996
Denver Post
No Proof Subsidies Create Jobs

January-February 1996
American Economic and Business Developer
Measuring the best economic developers

January 25, 1996
Omaha World-Herald
Cost to woo firms called too high

January 3, 1996
Kansas City Star
Taxes as bait like extortion

Winter 1995-96
The Journal of Applied Manufacturing Systems
Financial Incentives — Economic Boon or Bane?

December 19, 1995
Minnesota Journal
Weigh sports subsidies against other public goods

December 8, 1995
Kansas City Star
Congress can stop moves

December 7, 1995
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Minnesota didn't 'lose' the Jets; it saw the light

December 1, 1995
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Government subsidies for private businesses ought to be stopped

November 25, 1995
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Amid the jock babble, economist talks sense

November 22, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Task force undecided whether new stadium is only way to keep Twins

November 5, 1995
Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
A call to end the war among the states

November 5, 1995
Arizona Republic
Let Feds end state vs. state jobs battle

November 4, 1995
Philadelphia Inquirer
Stop wasteful economic warfare between the states

November 4, 1995
Minnesota Public Radio
“All Things Considered”

November 3, 1995
Knight Ridder
Fed paper spurs debate on state tax breaks to woo business

October 25, 1995
USA Today
Tax giveaways to entice business backfire on states

October 1, 1995
Omaha World-Herald
Tax breaks as incentives under attack

September 25, 1995
Charlotte Observer
Incentives game: what's next move? An upcoming N.C. court ruling could end the strategy of luring industry with giveaways

August 28, 1995
Christian Science Monitor
M.C. may lose a 'rose' it uses to woo firms

August 20, 1995
Greensboro News & Record
Incentive ruling ripples

August 20, 1995
Greensboro News & Record
Only Congress has ability to end this economic war

August 20, 1995
Duluth News Tribune
End bidding war for jobs

August 17, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
APA Optics can see glimmer of profits

August 16, 1995
Maine Business Indicators (Center for Community Economic Research)
Public financing of private economic development: two views

August 16, 1995
Investor's Business Daily
Should states buy investment?

August 16, 1995
The Roanoke Times
Stop the economic war among the states

August 1995
Corporate Report Minnesota
The new venture capitalists--taxpayers

August 10, 1995
The Washington Times
Allen ties incentives to plant performance: 'Corporate welfare' still draws questions

August 4, 1995
FRBSF Weekly Letter
Is state and local competition for firms harmful?

August 1995
Center for Community Economic Research
Prop 13 meets the internet: how state and local government finances are becoming road kill on the information superhighway

Third Quarter 1995
Regional Economic Digest (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)
Targets of state and local economic development policy

July 1995
Northeast Midwest Economic Review
Congress should end the economic war among the states

June 25, 1995
Chicago Tribune
War between the states: Competitors trying to lure distant companies may prove unproductive

June 19, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Start trying to avert sports team crises

June 18, 1995
Grand Forks Herald
State business wars hurt U.S.

June 18, 1995
St. Louis Post Dispatch
The spending war between the states

June 8, 1995
Grand Forks Herald
Public loses in economic war

June 5, 1995
The Omaha World-Herald
Ads denounce tax incentives for Mercedes: Group calls plan 'corporate welfare'

June 4, 1995
Philadelphia Inquirer
How Billions in Taxes Failed to Create Jobs

June 3, 1995
The Boston Globe
Mass. seeks curb on states' job 'poaching'

May 30, 1995
Charlotte Observer
Challenged relocation incentives still in use

May 26, 1995
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Backlash: Alabama incentives to foreign firms assailed

May 26, 1995
The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)
Tax breaks prompt anti-foreign ads

May 25, 1995
K. C. Jones Weekly
Two reports blow the whistle on 'economic development' incentives

May 22, 1995
The Boston Herald
Summit seeks to boost Mass. economy

May 7, 1995
Dayton Daily News
Ohio doing well after making tough changes

May 5, 1995
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Attempting to acquire another pro franchise is certain to cost us

May 2, 1995
Boston Globe
Ohio: What's their secret?

April 29, 1995
The Oregonian
Evidence abounds to debunk economic-development efforts

April 29, 1995
Atlanta Constitution
Ga. joins other states in debate over loans

April 23, 1995
Lexington Herald-Leader
'They' way of thinking neglects needs of 'us'

April 15, 1995
Rapid City Journal
Federal officials dislike state business incentives

April 14, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Budget amendment needs fine-tuning

April 14, 1995
CityBusiness (Minneapolis)
Courting costs

April 13, 1995
The Wall Street Journal
End the economic war

April 9, 1995
Richmond Times Dispatch
With West Creek poised for growth, Goochland contemplates impact

April 9, 1995
Richmond Times Dispatch
Wooing Motorola: a trophy, but with a price tag

April 3, 1995
Civil War, round two

April 2, 1995
The Boston Globe
What price good jobs; as Massachusetts ponders Raytheon aid, other states seek way out of escalating battle for manufacturing jobs

April 2, 1995
Charlotte Observer
When the bill comes due Alabama's Mercedes Benz nightmare could be North Carolina's if officials don't stop promising millions to recruit industry

April 2, 1995
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
A costly war between the states

March 30, 1995
The Baltimore Sun
Public pain for private gain

March 26, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Business expansion: Congress should stop state bidding wars

March 26, 1995
Greensboro News & Record
Industry Payoffs hurt economy, Fed officials say

March 24, 1995
The Boston Herald
Study: Preferential tax treatment hurts overall economy

March 22, 1995
Lexington Kentucky Herald
Even central bankers are wary of states' tax-break frenzy

March 20, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
State economic fund stirs controversy

March 20, 1995
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Is recovery aid giveaway or a way to win jobs?

March 20, 1995
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Fed's extra point

March 20, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
End piracy policies

March 16, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Courting of companies criticized

January 21, 1995
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Economist: Team bids waste taxes

January 20, 1995
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
LA Rams finally win big but most of us stand to lose in such deals

January 19, 1995
Kansas City Star
Teams Can Cost Cities Too Much