Interview with Mark L.J. Wright

Douglas Clement March 26, 2018

Senior Vice President and Director of Research on our new Institute, the minimum wage study, and fostering excellence in research | 2017 Annual Report Essay

Interview with Anne Case

Douglas Clement December 12, 2017

Princeton economist on the cost of AIDS in South Africa, “deaths of despair” in the U.S. and women in economics

Featured Articles

Abandoning a Currency Peg

Douglas Clement and Solomon Polansky October 4, 2016

Fear of future loss can convince central banks to loosen a fixed exchange rate

The Costs of Monopoly: A New View

James A. Schmitz, Jr. July 12, 2016

Contrary to conventional wisdom, monopolies inflict substantial economic harm, particularly on the poor

Research Digest

Reducing inequality with the minimum wage

Lisa Camner McKay June 26, 2018

Increasing the minimum for the lowest-paid jobs in Brazil spilled over to moderate-wage workers, but not to the highest earners

The rise and reversal of college education

Douglas Clement June 26, 2018

When surging demand and standardized tests created a national market for college, ability became more important than background in determining admission

The company you keep

Douglas Clement May 15, 2018

The major source of rising U.S. inequality? Earnings differences among firms, not within them

Economic Policy Papers

Reforming the European Monetary Union

V. V. Chari, Alessandro Dovis, and Patrick J. Kehoe May 8, 2017

The lack of policy commitment that led to the EMU also created its challenges. Addressing those challenges, not dissolving the Union, is the way forward

Container Imports and the Advantage of Size

Thomas J. Holmes and Ethan Singer March 20, 2017

Large retailers have used the scale economies of shipping containers to expand sales and imports

The Great Recession: A Macroeconomic Earthquake

Lawrence J. Christiano February 7, 2017

Why it happened, endured and wasn’t foreseen. And how it’s changing theory

Insuring Against Adverse Outcomes at Birth

Christopher Phelan December 1, 2016

Policy should focus on the insurance motives of parents

Innovation and Growth with Frictions

Randall Wright November 1, 2016

Monetary policy that provides sound banking and sound money can spur growth through innovation