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2011 by the Numbers

2011 Annual Report

Published October 25, 2012  | October 2012 issue

In 2011, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis processed:

  • 11.9 billion ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments worth approximately $22.4 trillion. FedACH is a nationwide system, developed and operated by Minneapolis staff on behalf of the entire Federal Reserve System, which provides the electronic exchange of debits and credits.
  • $10.9 billion of currency deposits from financial institutions, destroyed $819 million of worn and torn currency, and shipped $12.6 billion of currency to financial institutions.
  • Tenders, account maintenance, forms and other customer transactions for 149,000 active Legacy Treasury Direct accounts for individuals holding Treasury securities totaling $23 billion, and 1.7 million savings bond purchase requests worth $1.5 billion, as the Treasury Retail Securities site for the Federal Reserve System.