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Our 2017 Board of Directors, Senior Officers, and Advisory Councils

Published March 26, 2018  | March 2018 issue

BoD 2017 Mpls
Left to right: Christine Hamilton, Kathleen Neset, Randy L. Newman, Kendall K. Powell, Harry D. Melander, MayKao Hang, Thomas W. Armstrong, Srilata Zaheer, Catherine T. Kelly

2017 Minneapolis Board of Directors

See the current Minneapolis Board of Directors

MayKao Hang (Chair)

Class C Director

Kendall J. Powell (Deputy Chair)

Class C Director

Harry D. Melander

Class C Director

Christine Hamilton

Class B Director

Kathleen Neset

Class B Director

Srilata Zaheer

Class B Director

Thomas W. Armstrong

Class A Director

Catherine T. Kelly

Class A Director

Randy L. Newman

Class A Director
Helena Board 2017
Left to right: Sarah Walsh, Norma Nickerson, Duane Kurokawa, Barbara Stiffarm, Marsha Goetting

2017 Helena Board of Directors

See the current Helena Board of Directors

Marsha Goetting (Chair)

Sarah Walsh (Deputy Chair)

Duane Kurokawa

Norma Nickerson

Barbara Stiffarm


Officers 2017
Left to right: Ron Feldman, Dorothy Bridges, Niel Willardson, Neel Kashkari, Duane Carter, Jim Lyon, Karl Riem, Claudia Swenseid

2017 Bank Officers

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Neel Kashkari

President & CEO

Jim Lyon

First Vice President

Dorothy Bridges

Senior Vice President

Duane Carter

Senior Vice President

Ron Feldman

Senior Vice President

Karl Riem

Senior Vice President

Claudia Swenseid

Senior Vice President

Niel Willardson

Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary, & General Council
Ninth District Advisory Council
Left to right: Liz Asmus, Bob Hoffert, Doug Kucko, Diana Anderson, Rachael Sherard, Tim Rogers, Mike Appert, Kay Jorgensen, Abbey Pieper, Ted Leines, Mark Massicotte, Brekka Kramer

2017 Ninth District Advisory Council

Council members advise the Bank's senior officers and economists on regional economic conditions. New members are appointed by the Minneapolis Fed president.

Liz Asmus (Chair)

Diana Anderson

Mike Appert

Bob Hoffert

Kay Jorgensen

Brekka Kramer

Doug Kucko

Ted Leines

Mark Massicotte

Abbey Pieper

Tim Rogers

Rachael Sherard

2017 CDIAC
Left to right: Brian Sherrick, Rachael Petersen, Tim Ulrich, Joe Senger, Andrew West, Lora Benrud, Fran Sommerfeld, David Williams, Richard Odenthal, Laura Warne

2017 Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

Council members provide information, advice, and recommendations from the perspective of community depository institutions. Members are representatives of depository institutions (thrifts, credit unions, and banks) in the Ninth District with total assets of less than $10 billion.

Lora Benrud (Chair)

James Espeland

Shari Laven

Richard Odenthal

Gary Petersen

Rachael Petersen

Joe Senger

Brian Sherrick

Fran Sommerfeld

Tim Ulrich

Laura Warne

Andrew West

David Williams