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Central Bank of Brazil

Focus on Central Banks

Published June 1, 2000  | June 2000 issue

Headquarters: Brasilia

National currency: real

The Central Bank of Brazil was created in 1964 and began operations in March 1965. Its main purpose within the national financial system is to ensure the stability of the purchasing power of the national currency through:

  • formulation and management of monetary and foreign exchange policies,

  • regulation and supervision of the national financial system, and

  • provision of services to financial transactions and currency supply.

The main objectives set for 1998/2000 are to:

  • promote a higher standard for the financial system,

  • participate in the international capital market, to better manage the external debt,

  • review the relationship with development multilateral organizations,

  • improve the management of currency-related services,

  • strengthen administrative policies and

  • foster the bank's communication policy.

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