The Region

Executive Leadership (Minneapolis and Helena)

Published August 1, 1988  | August 1988 issue


First meeting of Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank Board of Directors/ Oct. 14, 1914
John Rich named Federal Reserve agent of Minneapolis Fed/1914
Theodore Wold named governor of Minneapolis Fed/1914
Roy Young, governor, Minneapolis Fed/1919


O.A. Carlson named manager of Helena Branch/1921
Robert Towle, manager, Helena Branch/1922
John Mitchell, chairman and Federal Reserve agent, Minneapolis Fed/1924
William Geery, governor, Minneapolis Fed/1926


John Peyton, chairman and Federal Reserve agent,
Minneapolis Fed/ 1933
John Peyton appointed president of Minneapolis Fed/1936
(the Banking Act of 1935 abolished the dual roles of agent and governor at Federal Reserve Banks and created a single leadership role—president)
[See Mr. Peyton's Bank, The Region, Dec. 2005]




Clarence "Dutch" Groth, manager, Helena Branch/1950
Oliver Powell, president, Minneapolis Fed/1952
Kyle Fossum, manager, Helena Branch/1955
Frederick Deming, president, Minneapolis Fed/1957


Clement Van Nice, manager, Helena Branch/1960
Hugh Galusha, president, Minneapolis Fed/1965
Howard Knous, manager, Helena Branch/1969


Bruce MacLaury, president, Minneapolis Fed/1971
John Johnson, manager, Helena Branch/1975
Mark Willes, president, Minneapolis Fed/1977
Betty Lindstrom, manager, Helena Branch/1979


E. Gerald Corrigan, president, Minneapolis Fed/1980
Robert McNellis, manager, Helena Branch/1982
Gary Stern, president, Minneapolis Fed/1985