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Focus on Central Banks: Bank of Japan

Published September 1, 1999  | September 1999 issue

Headquarters: Tokyo

National currency: yen

The Bank of Japan, created in 1882, serves to maintain price stability and to ensure the stability of the financial system. To fulfill these two missions, the bank conducts the following activities:

  • Issuance and management of banknotes;

  • Implementation of monetary policy;

  • Providing settlement services and ensuring the stability of the financial system by acting as the nation's banks' bank, monitoring and examining financial and management conditions of financial institutions and serving as lender of last resort;

  • Conduct of Treasury and government securities-related operations;

  • Engaging in international activities such as providing yen accounts to central banks and governmental institutions overseas, intervening in foreign exchange markets and participating in an international exchange of views; and

  • Compilation of data, economic analyses and research activities.

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